True Blood = True Suck……

Posted: August 10, 2010 in The thing I saw on television which I felt needed to be shared....

You know, this show has to stop teasing me with constant male on male action, and constant shirtless men with ripped abs, and constant male ass cheeks ……….When am I finally going to get to see some full frontal male nudity? All I am asking for is a nice penis every once in a while on screen, and of course it would only be acceptable if it was in a scene with two men…….is that too much to ask? Maybe season four will push envelope and make this possible.

My dream scene from season four:

I would like it to go from Layfeyete doing it with some guy, then it flashes to some werewolf that is running and then we see it turn back into human so I can see his ass cheeks as he runs, then it flashes to Eric Northman having sex with another male vampire for some monetary or physical object of gain, flashing then to Jason Stackhouse washing the cars with his shirt off, flashing immediately to Sam Merlot running through the woods naked, and then finally flashing to a scene of Hoyt coming out of the closet to Jason as they are laying next to each other as they watch TV.

The penis could be in any of those scenes to make me happy….

In all seriousness though, Snoop Dog needs to have more scantily clad men in his next Sookie Stackhouse music video in order to better represent True Blood.

This show really isn’t that good…….. Was it ever really good?   I am just thinking out loud.

This is What Andrew Michaels is doing now………….
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  2. Joseph says:

    You are naughty !

    • Well hello Joseph!!!

      Thank you for the comment. On the flip-side, I can only assume that you searched for something naughty and found your way to my site………This must mean that you are naughty as well.

      I hope my site gave you a laugh or at least some entertainment.

      Take care……

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  4. Tom says:

    Theres penis in the opening credits if you pause it just right 😛

  5. V 8 Mile says:

    I love this version of the Rolling Stone cover…

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