Jelly Fish…….again????

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Things that get me thinking
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So this television show I am watching right now is talking about how the over-fishing that we are doing, is allowing for jelly fish to flourish in the oceans.  On top of this, the jelly fish release a poison which kills fish eggs. Eventually jellyfish and humans have the ability to wipe out fish.

This makes me feel that our main source of food from the ocean could become jellyfish…..if shit really hits the fan.

How awful would it be to have to eat jelly fish in order to stay alive? Would you like to live in a society where all that was available to eat was jelly fish? All cows, pigs, chickens or any other meat edible animal just mysteriously died to really make you question whether or not you would want to live in a society where we were truly required to eat jelly fish to survive.

Seeing as we live in a society where we do not need to eat jelly fish to survive, the transition would only be difficult for us.  All children in future generations will be given jelly fish at such a young age, and have no idea to what a shit deal they are truly experiencing.

Fish and Chips are pretty spectacular, and these kids will blindly eat their jelly fish without realizing how good an overly battered and deep fried fish actually tastes.

Sometime in the distant future:

“Honey, the kids are fighting again……”

“Boys!!!! Sit in your seat, keep you hands to yourself, stop kicking each other, stop calling each other names, and finish your god damn jelly fish before you are both grounded……AND don’t even think you will get your jelly fish ice cream for desert!”

For one reason or another a lot of you in this day and age seem to enjoy eating underwater cockroaches, so how bad could jelly fish really be?  Most of you will make an easy transition to jelly fish.

I will not.  I would be pretty fucking FAR………from ok.

This will be one of the many possible ends for Andrew Michaels.

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now……..


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