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This is hopefully the first of many:

Point and Counterpoints…….

After watching and episode of Pawn Stars with my girlfriend and my friend Drew, I questioned how far Paul Revere would excel in a contemporary, present day setting. A man brought in a spoon made by Paul Revere to try to sell to the owners of the Pawn store, and I couldn’t help but be dazzled by his extremely talented craftsmanship with the spoon he forged.

My Point

I stated for the record, that a man as talented as he was, in a time where there were not the best tools to work with,  he was probably a genius or at very least a very genetically gifted individual.  He made the best possible items based on the tools and raw materials he was given in his time period. Had he been born into contemporary times, I believe he would have excelled to the same extent compared to his counterparts in the 1700’s.  He would not have just been a master blacksmith, he would have been able to use his superior brain capabilities and talents to create superior products in this day and age, since he would have the resources at his disposal to create more advanced products.  These resources would include, better education, better materials, and a higher level of technology to begin using, compared to what he had at his disposal in the 1700’s….. I was also told that Sam Adams beer does not have a picture of Sam Adams, because he was quite ugly, the picture on every single bottle of Sam Adams, is actually Paul Revere……..

Drew’s Counter Point

Your first mistake here is assuming that Paul Revere could have excelled at anything that any of the great thinkers at that time did. Aside from finding a way to manufature metals quickly and efficiently, he had no other technological achievements of his own.

In fact, he is held being largely responsible for the failure of the Penobscot Expedition which at the time was the States’ largest Naval defeat and for which he was subsequently accused of  disobedience and cowardice…not exactly what comes to mind when you think of a guy that could have succeeded at anything (even if just for his time period).

One can not conclude that he was a genius for his time period based on his skill as a silversmith alone. His skill, just like anyone elses in those days, was derived solely from his apprenticeship under his own father…nothing more. I would say that anyone else that had the same upbringing as him might have been just as successful had they been born into the same family.

Finally, the percentage of the population that had access to educational assets in those days, pales in comparison to the percentage that does in the present day. What was the literacy rate then? 10%? 20? I would postulate that had Revere existed in the present day, he would be either equal to or worse off than those his own age due to the leveling of the educational playing field.

My counterpoint……

This was nothing compared to your response in the conversation last night… is a sneak attack and I call bullshit……nonetheless I will have to actually research history, which I assume you may have done as well, for my response.

Drews Counterpoint

You can call bullshit all you want, but you should have known better than to engage in a battle of wits unarmed. I had some time on the ride home to think about it a little more, and figured that if Revere was such a genius, why didn’t he stop at being a silversmith and not move on to something else?

So I found my answer last night…he couldn’t. He tried, and he sucked at it, so he went back to melting and stamping silver instead of doing something that was more mentally taxing. As I said last night, I don’t doubt that he may he have been good with his hands in the present time…but aside from fixing cars and giving you hand jobs, it’s not going to get him very far. And even then, he would have had to learn how to do it over the course of several years from his father.

So in closing, Paul Revere would have learned to be a mechanic from his father (and it would have taken him at least 10 years of his life) and he would have had to have had the same education when it came to jerking you off. “The Andrew Michaels is coming, the Andrew Michaels is coming!”

My counterpoint……

Yeah, but you have to at least admit that the person who invented the cuckoo clock was pretty much a genius….

Argument end

Moving forward……

These are rules, from now on that myself and Drew have to follow when playing Point and Counterpoint.  (Just like Jacob and the Man in Black)

  1. All discussions need to take place in person, be spontaneous, and be argumentative in nature. (This should not be difficult for either one of us)
  2. All discussions will be recorded during their actual conversation, no hindsight additions will be tolerated.
  3. Each person is allowed to have three total responses.  (Meaning if you start the argument, you are only allowed to have two responses since you are in advantage for starting the argument)
  4. At the end of each blog post there will be a poll to vote on who you believe to be more correct: Myself or Drew

There will not be a poll at the end of this one because the rules had yet to be fully created upon the beginning of this battle.   I know in its current state I would easily lose, and I know it would take a lot of research on my behalf to prove him wrong, which I would be willing to do if I really had something to prove.  But the point of these “Point and Counterpoints” from now on is to be 100% spontaneous argumentative conversation, instead of  back and fourth emails.  I am giving him this one without any further rebuttals.  This one started off in conversation, but turned to emails the next day.

I already spend too much time with this blog to even consider researching U.S history ever again in my life.  The only time I will ever be excited to research any form of history, will be when we hopefully become a part of a galactic society.  Fuck U.S. history……I want to learn about Galactic History 101,  and epic solar system/planetary battles that have ensued over the eons of space and time.  That would be the first time, in a very long time, that I would find researching any form of history, exciting and interesting.  Hopefully it will already be translated into English for us.

In my four years of Spanish class in high school,  I learned how to speak as well as a two year old neighboring country Mexican child…..possibly a one and a half year old Mexican child.  Its amazing how little you can learn when you have no interest in learning…….yet still find a way to pass a class for four years straight……although I did get my only “D” in high school, my sophomore year in this class.

There was a kid from the Dominican Republic, in my class that year, who somehow “worked hard” enough to fail the Spanish class…….I never grasped at that time, how difficult it must have been for a Spanish speaking teenager, to fail a kindergarten or first grade level Spanish course in the U.S…….

I am very tall……I have blond hair……I would like to go to the library…………I am very good………..       What the fuck man?!?!, how do you fail a class like that, when you already fucking speak  Spanish?

My Junior and Senior years I received “A’s” in Spanish class, and didn’t have a god damn clue what I was doing.  Different teachers, have severely different expectations I guess…..Showing my mother that report card with a “D” on it, was no easy task either.  But in the end I persevered into a mature adult, who questioned why English speaking people in this country were learning Spanish.

But yet again, if our galactic history wasn’t translated into English, it would be the first time ever in my life, that I would be excited to learn a new language…… whatever the universally accepted language of our galaxy is. (on a side note, I am certain that our galaxy is most certainly NOT called “The Milky Way” in casual, time passing, galactic bar, inebriated banter…..)

This is WhatAndrewMichaelsisdoingnow……Showing you the beginnings of an epic battle which will be on going for as long as this blog, or space/time exists…..