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The Grind: My first true attempt…..

Posted: September 26, 2010 in Poker

So I am going to start to write this post with the possibility of never publishing it, based on the early outcome.  My plan is to make a legitimate stab at playing poker at a higher level than I am used to.  I do not want to do this with my own money.   The only way I am going to be able to do this then is to win money from poker, and then use that money I win to take a stab at a higher level of play.  As of 9/14/2010, I have 100 dollars in my online poker account.  I plan on getting this amount up to 700 dollars playing double or nothing sit and go’s.  The way this tournament works is that ten people enter in the tournament for a set amount, say 20 dollars, then 5 people need to get eliminated, and then the 5 people left in the tournament will each get 40 dollars as a prize.  I will play the 20 dollar tournaments until I get to 200 dollars in my account.  Then I will play the 50 dollar tournaments.  I will play the 50 dollar tournaments until I get to 400 dollars in my account.  I will then play the 100 dollar tournaments.  I will play this level until I have 700 dollars, if I lose two tournaments in a row, I drop down a level, so it does not immediately wipe out my bankroll.

9/14/10 1:10 P.M.

Bankroll: 98 dollars and 30 cents……

Many people who play these double or nothing tournaments like to sit back and just wait it out.  This means that they fold more than they normally would in a typical tournament or a cash game.  I am more aggressive with my play in these tournaments because of this mentality of “waiting it out”.

I plan to take all 700 dollars I win and sit down a a 2 dollar/5 dollar no limit table at the nearby casino.  I plan on a going on a Friday or Saturday night when there will be lots of drinking and more loose play.  I plan on playing tighter than I did to win the 700 dollars, and instead wait it out for the right opportunity to get as much of my money in the pot, along with the best chance for me to win the entire pot.  I can only justify putting 700 dollars down on a poker table if I won that 700 dollars from poker.  I would not consider doing it any other way.  My adventure begins on 9/14/10, I will show pictures of my account balance to update you on the way to the 700 dollars.  This is a fool proof plan, and I plan on making steady gains until I have acquired the 700 dollars.

UPDATE 9/14/10 1:10 P.M.

Won two 20 dollar double or nothing sit and go’s

UPDATE 9/18/10

Fuck these people, no one knows what the fuck they are doing when they play against me, they don’t know when they should fold, and they certainly do not know when they should call.  My first true attempt at a career in poker has been put on hiatus. Maybe I will try again in a month or so, hopefully all the amateurs are not around when I try it again…..

This is What Andrew Michaels is doing now…..