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So these LOST videos are pretty time consuming to make.  I hope you get enjoyment out of it otherwise I am wasting a severe amount of my own time, and I hope you know how to read since it is very text involved.  If you do not know how to read, well then, I guess you are not reading what I am typing right here, so I am wasting even more of my time, by addressing illiterate folk.

The title of this video is:


(It is a LONG video)

I need to also thank someone, her blog is below:

check out her site, she has some good LOST drawings……

(I used her artwork of Jacob and the Man in Black for my video…….without asking her of course, and if she has a problem with that, she just needs to tell me so……but that would REALLY suck if she wanted me to take it down, because I put way too much time into this video…..maybe I should have just asked her in advance……I know for a fact that I am way smarter in hindsight…….. WAY cooler in hindsight too, I always come up with the perfect thing to say……in hindsight.)

I hope you enjoy……

This is What Andrew Michaels is doing now…….


So I put this video together about two weeks ago, but it has since become slightly obsolete.  First Richard came out of the fucking woods, when I assumed we would not see him again until his episode.  Then fucking Miles recently became useful for the first time ever in the show, when he told of Ben killing Jacob.  You may notice these flaws when watching the video.  Regardless I am posting the video since I did put some time into making it, and also in honor of two of my favorite characters of the show.  It is called……

Richard Alpert’s Files:  Confidential Island Intelligence:  Scouting Report # 1: Team Smoke Monster:    Sayid Jarrah

I think it has a catchy title……almost poetic.

Hope you enjoy:


Posted: March 3, 2010 in LOST, Smoke monster videos

This is easily the best season of lost, based on what we have been given so far.  I have yet to be upset with a single episode.  I hope you enjoy my new video I put together called:


I hope that if you enjoyed the first smoke monster video I put together, you will enjoy this one as well. Please comment if you enjoy it……you have no clue how much joy it brings me when I get a comment…..

I would like to thank a forum member on a site I go to,who I only know as Superman07, for his input which helped me make this video better with a few tweaks…….

This is called:

The smoke monster’s first time getting fired for disturbance on the job, upon leaving the island forever….

I put this video together today after sitting around watching and discussing Lost and the twilight zone, this afternoon with Tim and Drew.  Thank you guys.

This is the smoke monster’s first job interview upon leaving the island, after trying to start a normal boring everyday life, but he still reflects on who he once was while thrashing people on the island.  Hope you enjoy this short video…….