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Are you the type of person who just goes with the shit that is presented to you? OR, are you the type of person who questions everything that is presented to you?  I fall into both categories, as do most of us.  I wish I had the ability to question more things that are presented to me, but I admit that I am a little too gullible most of the time.  I feel like the only time I am really creative with my writing is when I am questioning something,  that for one reason or another, is universally accepted.

Last night I got to thinking, while I was trying to accept what I was seeing.  Then I realized that what I was thinking is worthy of today’s blog.  I must say that as long as I keep thinking, it should not be too hard to find something on a daily basis to complain about, make fun of, or question.

What if Stephen Hawking is a fraud or just an act?

Why has no one else questioned this?  I do not doubt the achievements the man has made in the world of theoretical science.  What I do doubt, is the possibility that he may not be intelligent at all in the present,  even though he still gives interviews which make him seem very intelligent.

Every single interview that he gives today or in recent years is completely pre-recorded ahead of time.  Meaning, the weeks or days before an interview, his speaking machine is programed to say a specific statement.  He does not sit there at the interview and type away at his speaking machine for a few minutes to say 30 seconds of information regarding black holes, relativity, or something else my mind is really too inferior to grasp. Although that may make for some good tv.

What the hell would actually happen during this live interview, if the statement was incorrect in one way or another?  Would Stephen start flipping out in the middle of the interview, with defiance to the words which he was being represented incorrectly with?  Can Stephen Hawking flip the fuck out? Once again, this would make for good tv.

Even though my mind is too inferior to really grasp what he is explaining, it is superior enough to question the possibility that:


I will keep in the back of my mind for the rest of my life that Stephen Hawking is possibly one of the many hoaxes of the world we live in.  I do not expect you to believe this information that I have provided you, but I really hope you at least agree to the possibility that I am correct.  Until I see an interview where he types away on the machine with full video evidence that he is the ultimate cause for the words to come out of that machine, I am going to stick to my doubtful theory.


A few years ago a headlight commercial came out and I always thought that it was just a bit odd or a little wrong.  I am sure that the intentions were totally positive with the creative team behind the commercial, but for some reason I always felt bad for the boy in this video.  Maybe I was looking too far into things when I came to my conclusion, that this adult male is definitely up to no good.  Please watch this 30 second video, then upon completion please hear me out below the video, and then possibly re-watch the video one more time.

  1. Why is a man standing in the MIDDLE OF THE DESERT with a young boy? On top of this he has his hands on the boys shoulders giving off the vibe of him trying to comfort the boy, and that  “It’s going to be okay, we are just exploring the vast void that makes up this flat plain in the desert…….I am not going to hurt you……By the way, just wondering,  you wouldn’t happen to have any cool birthmarks that you would want to show me, would you?”
  2. I understand that the next time you see him “he may not be alone”, but does he actually want to be witnessed by anyone during this dark time in the middle of the desert?
  3. Is there a pre-dug hole somewhere in the surrounding desert?  This I am not sure of, because the headlights although strong, are not strong enough to illuminate the whole desert which is in THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.

This is what AndrewMichaelsisdoingnow, looking way too deep into an innocent commercial which I can only assume was meant to show father and son bonding time, with no camping or hiking gear whatsoever, in the middle of fucking nowhere.

Seriously, companies should hire someone like me to view their commercial before they air so I can rip it apart by asking questions like “So were you gearing this commercial to males ages 35-55 who like to take young boys into the middle of the desert for playtime?”  Please vote, so I know if someone actually reads my blog……

Really, Liza?

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Have you ever seen Liza Minnelli’s performance of “You are not alone” at Michael Jackson’s 30th Anniversary All-Star Tribute to the King of Pop?  I have, and last night as I was witnessing it for the first time,  I knew that it would be the focus of my next day’s blog.

The video is provided below to save you any trouble from having to find it. Please watch the entire performance, seeing as I endured it last night for the sole purpose of talking about it to anyone who I can lure to my blog.  Take it in, try to embrace what she was going for………what was she going for? Maybe try listening to it with your eyes closed, just try to find some creative way to get through it, and then take my polls after viewing it.

After watching this video I have some questions or declarative statements which must be said.

  1. What the fuck was that?
  2. Is she to actually be taken seriously?
  3. Air kisses from Michael kind of creep me out.
  4. Does Liza just get a pass for everything she does because she is the daughter of the HIGHLY over-rated Judy Garland?  I am not saying that it was not hard to be Judy Garland. Infact I know it WAS hard being Judy Garland, because in the commercial preview for the “made for TV movie” based on her life, her character was  crying while she was yelling something to the nature of how  “It’s hard to be Judy Garland”

I am NOT saying that the Wizard of OZ is over-rated.  I understand that such a movie as this has a place in just about every single one of our hearts.  That being said I believe that Judy Garland was nothing more than a circumstantial actress who was in the right place, at the EXACT right time, upon getting the opportunity to play Dorothy.

The Wizard of OZ would have been just as good with another actress in the role of Dorothy.  Now if you were to ask me if the same theory applies when you replace the unique performances of the Scarecrow, Tin-Man, the Lion, or the wicked witch, I would say that our conversation has now developed into…….a serious fucking problem.

I have two polls which can help me out with more data on this information I have provided.  (Not that I think I have anyone actually on my blog to vote at this point.)Thank you for looking. This is what AndrewMichaelsisdoingnow, watching Liza Minnelli and ranting about her mother.

// <![CDATA[//

Every year that passes I look back and wonder why we have done some of the stupid things that we have done.  Thankfully no one got hurt during the filming of this event about 3 years ago.  I do not know if  today  I would shoot a projectile so close in the direction, of so close of a friend as Vin.

Thank you Vin, I would not expect you today to take at a swing at a flying potato, not that you even took a swing at it then, but it is so great that we got this on tape…..

I just finished making a bar rack display and wanted to show some of the pictures. I used red oak wood, opaque glass, and some led lighting strips on the inside to light it up. I saw different pictures on the web of these and decided that it seemed easy enough to make, it ended up only taking a few hours of actual work, but letting the stain and poly dry took up most of the time. I have lots of pictures so you can see different angles and colors lit.
Unfortunately I did not take build pictures like I did with my poker table, because this was just a spur of the moment build.  From now on anything else I create will show all the steps using pictures.  Any questions don’t hesitate to ask. thanks for looking!

the glass that I used was opaque×36-glass-shelf.html

The LED lights that I used were

LED Color Changing Mood Strip w/ 2 Strip Lights from (for some reason I cannot link to this page, just search it on amazon)

What you are about to read was posted on another site before I decided to start my own blog.  The website that I originally posted all the pictures and steps on, is called Scott’s Poker tables. After receiving over 7000 hits on my posting I thought that it is worthwhile to put this on my own blog.  Please check out that site for many other ideas on building your own poker table.

There are many pictures and tons of information but I will show you the end result first. I believe this took me about 6 or so weeks to complete and was the most labor intensive project I have ever completed.  Anyone with any questions please don’t feel afraid to ask.
Anyways, here is the end product:

Here are the actual posts that I posted (be prepared for alot of info and pictures)
Hello everyone…….I am going to be building my third table very soon, probably starting on Tuesday. I ordered everything I need and I am going to be using the wood shop at the school I teach at. It will be a 64 inch round table with a race track. The previous two tables I built, I did at home (the one pictured was built by using the plans from New England Poker League)……….Before that I hade an oval racetrack table…..I didn’t end up liking it down the road because it was an annoyance for the people on the edge of each side of the oval being so far away…..At a casino this is fine since you always have a central dealer, home games are obviously different. I figured I mind as well use the better workspace and tools since they are both available to me………Anyways my table will have alot of influence from JokerRN’s round table, and I also got some information from Thar She be, about the decorative level for the cup holders which will be in between the padding and the racetrack…Well for now I am going to post some pictures of the chairs I got off craigslist from an office that was closing down…………I also have a picture of my previous table that I will probably be selling with the smaller chairs once I finish this new table………More postings to come and I plan to take many pictures….thanks for looking……..Andy





Here is the diagram I made on the computer to show a side view of what the railing looks like without the padding or material on it.

ok so I got to work on the railing and the underlip today on my free periods………Working in a large workshop is the only way I want to do it from now on……I have done some projects in the past at my house (a mame cabinet, a jukebox, and two other tables…..) it seems like multiple rooms get messed up when I do it at home……it was very nice to have the space to spread everything out………..I was unable to pick up my baltic birch today, so tomorrows work may be slim….I decided to stick with the 64 inch table size so I went to Lowes and bought 2 particle boards and had them cut it at lowes to a 16 inch X 66 inch piece…….this gave me 6 of those size boards with smaller pieces leftover…. from 2 boards of 4 X 8

We then cut them down to 16 inch X 64 inch and cut other pieces to 16 inch X 32 inch so it could be pieced together as a 64 inch hollow square.

From here we found the center and made our outer circle border for the padded rail…we then measured 5 inches in to get my 5 inch railing. I am unsure why we moved the bottom piece but I am sure you get the idea.

I used a band saw to cut out the circle and used a stationary sander to get all the cuts as smoth as possible. This was a nice change to use these heavy duty pieces of equipment.

When they are lined up………

I then repeated the whole process again to create a 64 inch round underlip for the padded rail…….it is a 3 inch wide piece

Using biscuts and wood glue we attached each of the pieces together and temporarily nailed a small piece of wood on each joint to keep it tight while it dries over night……..

What a biscut looks like….(for anyone like myself who has never used one before)

Tomorrow I am bringing in the black whisper vinyl in to school. My co worker who teaches foods and sewing is going to stitch it together for me, I ordered 4 yards so once sewed it will be 108 inches by 72 inches……until I pick up the baltic birch I will just be twiddling my thumbs, so it probably won’t be until friday that I get anymore progress done………I will update then…….Andy

We used alot of clamps after we spread wood glue between each piece, and we also made sure that the joints from the top piece were to rest on the solid sections of the other piece to ensure it would be as sturdy as possible…….

I brought in the materials I purchased online from the site that we all like to use……I just am not going to name that site here because I had a issue with my purchase with them when I tried to redeem a scottkeen coupon after the transaction was done and they did not seem to want to help me out……Anyways I got 4 yards of black whisper vinyl, 2 yards of 2-a 1/4 thick poker playing surface, 2 yards of black suited speedcloth, and one sheet of 65l b 1 inch foam……

Once the clamps were taken off………

I picked up the 3 boards of 5 X 5 baltic birch and I have to say I cringe when I read how you guys bought these for 33 – 55 dollars each……….I paid 78 each……….. but figured it was worth it since I want this table to be the real deal……Hopefully I can get the major cuts done tomorrow…..until then, take care and thank you for looking and posting here on this thread…….Andy

The baltic birch is in the workshop now……First I needed to find the center of each one and make 2 of them have a 60 inch diameter (the base and the race track) and one of them have a 58 inch diameter (for the decorative level for the cup holders which will be centered on the 60 inch racetrack leaving an inch all around it for the underlip of the pad to sit on)

Baltic birch board……..

After the center is found I placed a ruler down, on the one inch mark I drilled a hole as well as on the 31 inch hole, put a nail through the 1 inch mark and placed it dead center, and put a pencil through the hole on the 31st inch hole give me a 60 inch diameter………

Up close on the center

60 inch diameter

We used the band saw again to cut it out, but it took three of us this time since the board was so large……..end result is this……

Then we put this on top of the next piece and just traced it out and went back to the band saw……..

The last piece is the 58 inch diameter decorative cup holder level, that was measured out using the ruler again after finding dead center and just placing a hole on the 30th inch for the pencil to go through…….(I originally put a hole on the 29th inch but that was a mistake which I found before I drew the 58 inch diameter)

I then marked 12 inches up from the edge of the 60 inch piece and made another hole in the ruler to mark out the cut for the end of the racetrack…..

We then made a jig for the router to cut out the center of the racetrack that will eventually be replaced later as the playing surface……

We went around in a circle three times to not put too much pressure on the router bit, each time we went around we lowered the bit just alittle further down, so by the third pass we were through it…….

Once it was fully cut…………

Now I am at my first major decision and I am not to sure as to what to do, so any of your feedback will be apreicated……The purpose of building this table was obviously to accomodate more people at the poker table (preferably 10 even if it is a bit snug…..each person will have 20 inches of outer pad space), below is the design for the decorative cup holder level

This is a picture of the whole thing, there are lots of circles I understand, but I needed to draw all of them to get my design lined up corectly……

Here is a close up…..the cup holder (jumbo) will fit right in the center of the design where the 4 inch circle is……..the problem I see is that there is only about 8 inches from the edge of each one to the next ones edge…….Which I feel is to too small an area, there will obviously be more space above it since the racerack will be below this and will extend up 3 more inches which is shown by the line drawn……….

Now I have to figure out if I want it like this or different….. I could use the smaller cup holders which I have, which would give me a bit more space, or I could cut down on the size of the decorative piece (right now it extends 1.25 inches past the lip of the cup holder), or I could make it with only 9 or 8 cup holders instead, but then it would be bad if I had 10 people playing…………gonna have to sleep on it…….Thanks for all the input so far, Andy

so after alot of erasing and remeasuring and redrawing, I have made the new size for the design……..I decided to go with 9 spots instead of 10, which I know is unique but I think it will work out good………each person will have just under 22 and a half inches of pad space and the amount of space between cup holders is larger too……. I also brought in the design a half inch on each side…….

here is the new layout……..

Up close…..

I also circled every spot where I put the compass point at to find it easier for later…….

I had one of those frustrating days where little was accomplished………After all the drawing we came to the decision that the plywood would not be good for the decorative cup holder level because when routed the levels of the plywood would be exposed and would look less than perfect…….we have alot of oak planks that we are planning on plane-ing down and fitting together for the cup holder level……… that will add a few days to the process but in the end will be worth it seeing as it is one of the highlights of the table……..I did get they vinyl back today and have some pics of that for everyone to see…………

So today I got some work done but it just seems to get more frustrating as time goes by………first off I cut out the playing surface piece by laying the racetrack piece on top of a 1/2 piece of plywood, I also raced it out with a small piece of wood to leave a gap so I can add a 3/4 inch piece of hardwood all the way around to get a level flush playing surface…….

up close….

I also got the oak pieces for the decorative level out……..

We decided to cut the pieces into 9 trapazoids at 70 degrees to get a nanagon…….which ofcourse when I cut them all out it did not fit together……..this is after using a computer program to find out the angles………not sure why this did not work…….. here are the pieces, tomororrow I will lay them out for all to see why they dont fit……..


thats all for today…….

here is my nanagon in all its mesed up glory…………I have 4.5 extra inches on the last piece for some reason, even though all pieces are practically the same size…..I understand that a small difference in sizes or angles will make a bigger difference when fitting them together….I am thinking about shaving off .25 inches off of each and then that should theoreically be 4.5 inches less dispersed throughout the whole nanagon…….

OK so progress has finally been made and it feels good after all that time staring at my dysfunctional nanogon………It turns out that the saw we used was off by a slight bit……We drew three sides of the nanogon out to full scall on a large piece of paper and laid the pieces ontop of it untill we got as close as possible to the lines on the drawing……….just a small portion of a degree can wreak havoc on something like a nanogon…

Once we knew the angles were good or close enough to work I started joining them together first 1 at a time with one extra left out

After that I repeat joining the 2 pieces of 2……..

I then joined all three remaining pieces together (2 four pieces and 1 regular trapazoid) you can probably tell the single piece apart because it is darker…….I sanded all the other pieces once they were joined to make them as flush as possible……. There may be a slight space between the final piece, but if anyone mentions this when playing on my table they will be asked to leave for being the type of person who would notice such a thing………..ussually the builder is the one who sees all the faults……

I then cut out 9 smaller trapazoids that were about 6 inches in width and 13 inches long on the longer side of them

These pieces will be joined with the inside of the nanogon tomorrow giving me the wood I need to create my design………Here they are kind of lined up the way that they wiil be joined tomorrow……..

Hopeully I can join these pieces in the morning and work on the design in the afternoon……..then it is just cutting it out and moving on from this awful but hopefully worthwhile roadblock……….

I couldn’t for the life of me make a perfect circle because finding the perfect center was practically impossible from an imperfect nanogon………I ended up putting this nanagon down flat on a table and I put the railing ontop of it……from there I reached underneath the lip with a pencil and marked the pencil all the way around……after taking it to the band saw this is what I am left with………..

currently it still does not fit into the railing so I am either going to go around it wih a router or I will use a sander………I am assuming that the router will be much quicker, but I might take too much off that way and I would prefer it to be a snug fit rather than room for movement, but it will all be bolted together in the end anyways…….

got some more progress done today…….and everything is starting to fit together…….I started to put biscut holes in all the trapazoids as well as the inside of the nanogon……..

Then I centered each piece and glued them to the inside and clamped them togehter

Once the glue dried………

Some of the areas where the two pieces met were a little off and not at the same level…………

I sanded these down to make them flush and he same hieght………

I then sanded the outside of this piece a bit to help it fit into the under lip of the railing finally getting the two to fit together…….. here it is upside down……

And here it is right side up………

All and all it was a productive day since I could finally put two pieces together………but it took a long fucking time for me to get to this point………I forgot how labor intensive these projects are……..And this one is easily taking me the most time………

I did have one bad thing happen today and I am not sure what to do…… of the joints lossened up but all other 8 on the nanogon are tight……….I think I might just squeeze any wood glue that I can into it and try to puss it back together I will show pictures if I can’t fix it to possibly get some ideas from you guys………..
Also after I joined all the trapazoids together on the nanogon, one of my co workers told me I just made it much more difficult to finish since I will not be able to cut out the designs using the band saw……….As much as I would have liked to do it that way I wanted to fit it all together first so I could redraw the design based on what it looks like space wise once it is all fit together……….

So everything fits together finally and I finished drawing the design on the oak pieces…….when I put it all together it looks like this…………

You can see the design on the oak, the only problem I have with the way it looks right now is the one oak piece towards the back left that it not flat like the ohers and there is a slight gap……I assume I will just screw in from the bottom to make it tight……..

Side view………….

I then flipped it over and lined up to get ready to drill holes for the bolts and threaded inserts………

Here is what the threaded inserts look like……..I bought nine of these and pute them in the padded rail where the upper part and the under lip are together so it is being held to the table at its thickest part……..

And here is what it looks like when the bolts are all in place………I know that it is close to the edge but unfortunatley this is where I had to put them in order for the bolts to go through the thick part of the railing……….

Well now that the threaded inserts are in I am ready to do the padding on the railing and cut out the holes for the cup holders……..I will get to that on monday………

I used a good jig saw to cut out the design today…….. here it is……

I bought these from a woodcraft store and went through all 5 blades to cut the oak………it is the type that they recommended to use……not so sure it was correct in their recommendation……

I clamped down the oak piece on both sides and made the cuts

here is an indivdual cut

here are some pics of the whole thing cut…..

I went over each with a quick sanding and probably will again to get them all as even in shape to each other as possible……….

I then lined up the table levels again…….

I then drilled a small hole throught the center of the cup holders all the way down through all levels so all the cup holder holes will be even…….

I decided to wait on the padding until all else is finshed with the wood working just incase I need to keep puting the railing on upside down and such……..hopefully I can cut the holes tomorrow and then I can start the railing and staining……..Andy

well I was making pogress today until I had problems with the drill press……..the chuck kept falling out and we think it was due to the oak being difficult to cut through………..anyways I got to round off all the edges of the design piece using a router………..

And I got through 4 holes before we called it quits due to the drill problems……..

Roadblocks just seem to keep popping up…….

16 days later I think I finally got through the biggest roadblock in a project I have ever encountered………….getting the hole saw through the solid oak 9 times sure was a hassle and then I had to go through 18 times on the plywood…….. here are the progress pics…….

Through all 9 holes finally!

Put back together………

All 27 holes finally completed

I plan on sanding a bit more and then it is on to staining………I have some minor burn marks from the router on the design……..

pedestal came in from a local mill store………not too excited on the hieght……might have to return it is only about 20 inches high……..and I know I need around 29 inches or so in hieght…….any thoughts? Should I just order from adams????

I decided to tackle the padding and vinyl today……….I started by laying out the padding and placing the wood on top of it…..

I then used a small piece of wood and drilled a hole at 1 inch in on one side and a half an inch on the other side……

I then followed the piece of wood against the edge all the way around the outside making a 1 inch order outside the railing edge to be cut…….

On the inside I went for a half an inch border since it is smaller on the inside……….

I used an electric knife to cut the foam……….

cutting progress………..

all cut out piece 1………..

I then lined up the extra foam up to the point where the orignal cut was made and did the border all over again……….

After that was cut I was left with this ……..

Flipped over after the last piece was fit in and all was sprayed with adhesive……….

On to the vinyl wrapping……….I followed zerolux’s guide and split the difference after stapling at the four opposite sides of the circle first…… I must say all should follow this guide, much easier than I remember in the past and its the best railing I have done yet….. Check out his posting on railings……….
Outside of railing stapled……..

Flipped to look for wrinkles……….

Center cuts……….

Stapled center………..

Flipped to look for wrinkles……….None that I could see……. dont mind the sawdust on it…..

A few pictures once the railing went back on the table………..

I then placed the playing surface in the center and drew a cirlce all the way acound it…………

I then drilled 4 holes through bothe the playing surface and the base……….then I place threaded inserts into the playing surface……..

I then layed the playing surface on the 1/4 inch playing surface foam……..

I used the spray adhesive again on it and put a little pressure on it with a garbage can………

I then used the electric knife again to cut the foam………

flipped over……..

thats it for today…………..

I found something good at home depot today for the playing surface…….others have used hardboard between the playing surface and the racetrack……..I found this paneling that is 1/4 an inch thick, and 3/4 inch in hieght, which was exactly the demensions I needed……..on top of this it is bendable……….

here is what it looks like……..

Here is it next to the playing surface……… and steps to nailing it in I used an air powered nail gun………

there was a little space left over, I am glad I bought two…….

all done

I then layed it on top of the speed cloth and stapled all the way around……..

flipped over

It will not fit together with the racetrack…….a little too tight, I bolted the playing surface in place and will just keep sanding the inside of the racetrack untill it fits……..

I routed the bottom side of the racetrack to let it ease in to the playing surface but that was not enough, so more sanding tomorrow…….

Here you can see it with the racetrack……….not fitting fully as of now…..

I went to return the pedestal and where I bought it from told me it was a special order and I cannot return it………would have been nice if that info was given to me when I gave them my credit card info………I plan on building a 6 inch box out of oak that will sit between the table and my non retunable pedestal…….

Tuesday nights are my poker nights at my house,,,,,,,we are on vacation this week, so needless to say I am extremely hungover today so I only got a little progress today, but it was satisfying………After taking the racetrack off and sanding the inside about 6-8 times I finally got it to fit around the playing surface……….I put it all back together and put in the cupholders……although I can’t seem to find one so there is one empty for now………..

I also started to work on my box for the pedestal and I used some thick pieces of oak so it would be sturdy……….

I then drove home, had motion sickness, vomited, and decided it was time to post my progress…………..Tomorrow will be staining………

The hangovers are much less often these days as I push 30………the first two thirds of my 20’s were definetley too accustommed to them, but I am at the point where they are not worth it anymore…………..Ussually they only occur these days when I drink hard alcohol, which I rarely do anymore sans crazy poker all nighters………..The gap I plan using wood glue and alot of clamps to permanently join the racetrack and the decorative level together after staining and before poly…………….I decided to just go with a rectangular size box for the space between the pedestal and the table and that is what I worked on for a bit today……Although I feel pretty confident in the wood working these days, I have no clue how to do circular boxes…….I wanted to stain but every stain I test I am not happy with and would rather take my time finding the right color…….any suggestions????????? here are the pics for the day………

I ended up cutting up some 2 X 4’s to fit inside the box for extra support…….

Please feel free to reply with pictures of stain that you would think to be good……..Andy

this is why one of my stains seemed a little bland……..

So the color I picked was the best matched stain for my chip box….here is a picture of it for reference…….

Here is a picture of the box I made to raise the hieght of the table, I went with a rectangle size based on the size of the wood available………….

I routed all the edges to give it a smooth finish and then sanded it a few times….

Here is the box ontop of the pedestal……


put back together and lined up with cupholders to get ready to use wood glue …….

flashbacks are occuring……….

after letting the stain dry over night I decided it needed a second coat of stain………here is what it looked like after the second coat………..


pedestal to base piece…….

pedestal with 2 coats of poly……..

going to start poly on the racetrack tomorrow and plan on taking 5 days or so to get a good 8- 10 coats to get a nice thick coat…….

oday was the transportation day………….got everything in my house now……….still have to do some finishing touches, more poly and put the whole thing together………I have some people coming by today to possibly buy my old table so I will have an open space to work in if they buy it, and I have two others interested if they dont go through with the purchase…………

here is the bottom of the base piece with two coats of poly…….I did not poly the center since it is not going to be visable when the other circular piece covers it……..

other circular piece with two coats as well………

I really dont plan on putting anymore than two coats of poly on these pieces since it will very rarely be seen and 2 should be enough for a shine…….

After one coat of poly on the top piece……….I do plan to put alot of poly on this piece………….

ready to transport…….

In the house……..

well it is just about done………I have some finishing touches to do ……I still have to put on the veneer, I may want to touch up the poly a little, but here she is at this point……….

Thank you Mark  and Roy for your help in the wood shop and putting up with my less than perfect cleanliness approach.  Thank you Donna for the excellent stitching on the padding.  Thank you Dom for helping me with the hole cutting process.  Thank you dad for helping me transport all these parts back to my house in the middle of a rain storm.  And finally thank you Dana, John, Matt, Joe, Rachel, Snail, Ben and Jim for funding this project through poor poker skills.

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I am an above average individual, but by no means superior.  In fact I have no problem telling other people that they are better than me regardless in what area that might be.  I am currently in the process of writing my first publication, and once I finish it, I then just need to find a publisher.  My blog will include many things concerning my literary adventures as well as things I do in my life outside of writing.  My ultimate goal would be for my book to someday get published and this blog is a continuation of my adventures post success and fame.  The current title of my book as of today is called:

Random thoughts, quotes, and stories from a typical pessimistically optimistic individual.

The title may change through the months or years that follow, but I am kind of happy with it the way it is.  Now I just have to write a about another 860 pages of material……..