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1993 Radio 1 D.J. Nicky Campbell Interviewed Bob Oeschler ex NASA scientist

I found this interview quite interesting, but I am a sucker for anything in relation to extra-terrestrials.  It is in three parts.

Give it a listen, you should find it entertaining as well.



It seems to make sense that if our governments know about extra terrestrials, it would be in everyone’s best interest if we were slowly told about accounts from people who have worked within the government over the course of 50-100 years.  If they ever get around to actually telling us, the shock should not be as substantial since we will have been hearing first hand accounts for many years by that point.

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now……


How much time do you have on your hands?

Do you like conspiracy theories?

Do you believe in aliens?

If you answered:

Plenty, yes, and yes……then you might find some entertainment in watching these videos of Alex Collier.  From what I have heard that is not his real name, and some of the things he has stated that would occur have not occured.

He did say in 1994 that New York City would be in ashes by 2000 by an act of terrorism, and that seems pretty close if you ask me.  He also said that southern California would be flooded by now……….so maybe he is right sometimes and wrong other times, or maybe it’s just that some of the things he has said have either not happened yet….. or alien intervention prevented the events from  happening.
Anyways, he has a lot to talk about, and here are some of his videos.  If you find yourself bored, you might get some entertainment or some good information for your the way to go about life by watching it.


(go to youtube to watch the next 8 parts, it clogs my blog posting them all here)



(go to youtube to watch the next 8 parts)

There are plenty of other videos out there and tons of information…….if you are intrigued I suggest you Google it.

That is of course until a president pushes the kill switch on the internet.

Then where the fuck would we be?

Back in the fucking caves………back in the god damn caves man.

Dirty sleeping arrangements, dark living quarters, shitting and pissing outside (one of which I seem to do on a regular basis in an area of my backyard anyways so that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world), poor dental hygiene, nasty body hygiene, and incredibly dirty sex for the primal instinct of reproduction.

I hope that killswitch never gets pulled.  But if it does, maybe I am just overreacting to the ramifications of it.

But then again, I don’t know…….if some elected official by the people, decides to turn off the internet and shuts us off from all of the free information it provides us……..then we mind as well be fucking cavemen and cavewomen.  And fucking cavemen and cavewomen is a dirty fucking business……one business I hope to never have to be a part of.

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now……..

This blog posting today was originally supposed to be a reply to the comment in my ANCIENT ALIENS post (which is directly below this post).  Joe commented on it and I was replying.  Then, my reply started to get longer than normal, AND I felt that it was a question that everyone should ask themselves to honestly answer to themselves.  If anyone feels like sharing your answer, you are more than welcome to reply to this post.

This question is to be read and answered with the perspective that there is no afterlife or heaven, in either scenario that the question provides.)

Take your time reading each scenario; think about it from both sides, and then reply your choice when you believe you have come to a conclusion.

My question:

Which scenario would you rather experience, if you have to absolutely choose one?

(Upon making your choice, your life would start over from the beginning, so you could fully experience either scenario you choose)

Scenario 1:

You live a very tough life.  You have many struggles throughout it.  It almost seems as if you were cursed.  You get through each struggle in a very inspiring way although no one seems to notice.  You die younger than the average person.  You die poor.  You have few possessions.  People wouldn’t say you were “ugly”, but you were barely “average looking”.

Throughout all these struggles, you one day experience something extraordinary.  The way in which you react to this event leads to your story ALWAYS being remembered.  You will always represent a perfect role model for future generations until the end of mankind.  In order for humanity to truly excel to the next level, everyone looks to your story for guidance in how they should live.

People pray to JOE or (whatever your name may be) each and every night.  You are a person that lived tens of thousands of years ago, yet people remember you and your story.  You will always be remembered.  You help mankind move forward from all the bullshit which we are causing throughout the planet.  Mankind excels to unimaginable levels all while during a permanent peaceful existence ….

(end of scenario 1)



Scenario 2:

You never have any struggles in life.  You are rich, you are very intelligent, and you are a “real Brad Pitt looking motherfucker”.    The world is yours for the taking.  The best toys, the best houses, the best cars, the best parties, oh and………you are the fucking MAN.

People think about you because you are rich and famous.  Television shows like “Extra” will report on you constantly, when they speculate their information with a question mark at the end, in order to not get sued by your personal public image team of lawyers.  These slanderous quotes can be said on television without worry of prosecution, since they are in the form of a question.  It is like teenage girl gossip bullshit on nuclear fucking power……….”The adult gossip bullshit”.

Some people choose to watch these shows and read the bullshit tabloids, as a main form of their entertainment.  If they only have a half hour to watch TV, then they choose to watch garbage like “Extra”.   The only thing that they EVER read, is the various tabloid/gossip magazines…..(I can’t even think of the name of one)

These people base 50 percent of all their conversations on the gossip of the rich good-looking people that they don’t know.

These people will WORSHIP you.  But you know that these people who worship you……….are pretty lame.  You don’t want to be around them.

These people are more focused on who the TV show says that you are allegedly sleeping with, then focusing on the staph infection on their shoulder that should have been dealt with by a doctor two weeks ago.  They say to themselves each day, “It’s too expensive to go to the clinic, it will go away on its own……”  (This daily quote is what got them to where they are in terms of their advanced stage boil.)

You eventually die, and your worshipers all eventually die of various things which common sense would have prevented.

You are almost completely forgotten within 100 years of your death.  Those that do remember you, only do so because they are your future generations who are rich because of you. They are living extremely well off the trust funds and interest that your fortune still creates well after death.  Eventually though, your future generations will start to dip into the principle balances.

The principle money is gone within 200 years of your death, meaning the only thing that made your future generations remember you is now gone.  You are then completely forgotten……. forever.

Mankind does not receive any benefit from you, other than the entertainment of some people in the late 20th and early 21st century.

(end of scenario 2)

So there you have it………..

  • You can live the worst this world can offer, but inspire mankind to unimaginable levels and become their new form of “God”.


  • You can live the best this world can offer, but offer no real inspiration for mankind. You are soon forgotten forever.

(Remember that there is no afterlife or heaven in either scenario. You will start life your life over from scratch, and you will always be unaware of the choice you made.)


I don’t need to answer this question, because I spent a decent amount of my snow day writing it…….

My short answer would be:

If I was forced to pick one, I would take scenario 1.  I just wouldn’t pick either one right away.  I would enjoy my life a little while longer, before I decided to start a life full pain which leads to the eventual prospering time for mankind.

Although……..throughout my entire life; I have always loved money, and I have always really, really, really wanted to be rich……..

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now………….