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Motorcycle stuntmen…..

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Yesterday I found myself giggling while I was reading the comments on a site which was showing concept art for the Superman movie that was supposed to be made in the 90’s that thankfully never got off the ground.  It was to be directed by Tim Burton, and Superman was to be played by Nic Cage……but I have always just called him Nic (as if I am on a first name basis with the guy).  The concept art looked fucking ridiculous and I can only assume had the movie been made, it would have been even more ridiculous than the concept art.

None of those concept art pictures made me laugh, but someone posted a picture of Nic in the comment section that did make me laugh.  Here it is:


In honor of Nic, I will also privy you to a video on youtube I watched a long time ago which also made me laugh.  Theses are a bunch of scenes of Nic in the remake movie he starred in called “The wicker man”.  This video is pretty out of control, ENJOY!!!!



This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now……..

This is not moving……

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Frisbee Trick Shots

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Live Action Sand Art

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