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This will be an ongoing open blog posting, to which anyone who wants to input information in the form of a comment, they may do so if they would like to add personal experiences or information, which may add to my information,  in order to compile data in profiling Local Warwick Legends.  Your information that you provide will be added to the actual post that you are reading right now, with full credit being acknowledged to you for your contributions.

There are many people who we may have all seen, through years as we have driven through Warwick.  My intentions are never to make fun of any of these individuals, but to just embrace them for who they are:  People, who many of us in Warwick, may have seen through the years.

The first person that has the honor of  a profile is of a man who:

  • Looks like Slash
  • Had been seen by myself and my friends on a regular basis while we were driving, and while he walked up and down Airport Road, for the better part of a decade
  • This primarily occurred between the mid 1990’s all the way through the Mid 2000’s

Regarding Airport Road……

In order to make you understand why this man is unique, I must allow you to understand the uniqueness that is Airport Road.  Airport Road is not the typical road for an individual to be seen walking on.  It is a very long connecting road between two major roads in Warwick RI, those roads being Warwick Av and Post Road.

On one side of Airport Road, there is the Airport, on the other side you have some buildings that you have never considered entering, some National Guard buildings, and a few other parking lots etc.  It is not until you get to either end of Airport Road, that you would find something that you might be interested in going to.

Walking down Airport Road sucks, and I have only done it once.  Its real long, real loud, and real boring.  To see someone walk down this road on a regular basis, seems to make it stick in your mind, since it is not too often you see someone walk down Airport Road………….To see someone walk down Airport Road on a regular basis AND look like Slash, automatically makes the neural connections attach permanently inside your brain, to allow this individual to be stored extremely well in your long term memory, more than likely for the rest of your life.

Present Day

I have recently had my first “Slash” sighting in probably over 4 years, it just occurred about two weeks ago.  I instantly felt the need to text my friend Vin, to let him know of what I had just witnessed after many years of no sightings

I texted him while I was driving of course, without wearing a seat belt, with my top of my Wrangler off to easily allow me to fly out of the vehicle had I been in any form of an accident.

Needless to say after all of my valiant, reckless, and selfless acts of texting Vin while I was driving, he had kind of forgot who I was talking about when I mentioned this to him in the text, making all my efforts totally unnecessary since he didn’t seem to really care…………….  He did remember who I was talking about, upon me reminding him about the Local Warwick Walking Legend: SLASH on Airport Road.

Theories regarding Slash

Josh’s theory:

  • Whenever you saw Slash walking down Airport Road, it was because he was walking from Sha-Na-Na’s, and he was on his way to Copperfield’s.  To anyone who is still actually reading this blog post and NOT from Warwick, these were two different drinking establishments, which were on opposite ends of Airport Road, and judging by mapquest, they are about a mile and a half away from each other.  The best part of this theory, is that there is good factual information, which can at least show some credibility to this theory having a chance at being correct.  Most of my Slash viewings on Airport Road took place from the mid to late 9o’s, into the early to mid 2000’s.  This was ALSO a time period when both Copperfield’s and Sha-Na-Na’s were still open for business, but both bars have since gone under.  My Slash encounters have extremely diminished since I would say 2005-2006, and I believe that is around the time that both of those businesses went out of business. This would explain why I do not see him on a regular basis anymore, since he is no longer walking from one drinking establishment to the other.  I am sure it is possible that he is doing the same exact thing now, but he is now walking between two different drinking establishments that I have yet to establish myself.  If this drinking theory is correct, and I do find out where these new drinking establishments are,  I will be sure to add this information to my profile of “Slash”.

Drew’s Theory (Short, sweet, and right to the point)

  • “Is Slash actually dead? And are we actually just seeing his ghost, on Airport Road, because he died in a car accident on that very same road?”

Both theories so far have yet to be proven wrong, if you would like to comment on this blog with your own theory regarding Slash on Airport Road, please feel free to do so.

I now have to ask you, the reader, some serious questions……….


  • Do you remember ever seeing “Slash” on Airport Road as well?


  • Have you ever witnessed Slash on a side street, off of Airport Road?  If so, it is highly likely that he lives or lived on one of these side streets, and this information can be useful in his profile.

Please add any real memories,  or factual information that you have in regards to “Slash” in the comment section.  We can then start a general profile on who the hell this guy actually is, and why the fuck we only ever saw him on Airport Road…… I want answers dammit!

I would like to know who this guy is, and maybe, just maybe, at some point, a friend of a friend of “Slash” will read this,or some shit like that will occur, and the person who I think looked like “Slash” and was always on Airport Road will read this blog about himself………….or at least someone will comment on this blog, with information of who this guy is, and why he was always walking on Airport Road, all while striking a very similar appearance to a fucking rock god by the name of “Slash”.

Unfortunately the truth might be boring, like he might have been just walking to work each day.  I guess I would prefer to see no real information provided regarding him if the truth would lead to boring, and less than entertaining reading material.  Instead, I would rather just have good stories and myths regarding “Slash” on Airport Road.

But if the truth comes out and it is not exciting as I hoped, then the truth comes out, and that will just be satisfying on a different level I guess, since I got the answers I wanted.

Next week I will be profiling the guy who always walks with his crutches, but never uses them.  I have always in the back of my mind had the idea to put together a video of him.   This might be the time that I actually start to put that video together for the purpose of his profile.

The possibilities are endless…….Warwick is an extreme breeding ground for extreme characters of all sorts.

This is What Andrew Michaels is Doing Now………



Rob works on Airport Road and stated

  • ” I’ve seen this character quite often.  Not so much last summer, but the previous two, slash carried a surfboard on his daily voyage down Airport road. I really wish I had gotten to ask him where he surfed.”

Has anyone else witnessed Slash, on Airport Road, WITH A SURFBOARD? Please help me verify this information, the more witnesses to mention this, will allow for more credibility.  There is NOWHERE REMOTELY CLOSE TO SURF in Warwick, Oakland Beach and Conimicut Point are the two closest “beaches” and ARE NOT known for their good waves.  Oakland Beach and Conimicut Point ARE however known for many other things, but that is a blog post in its self.  It does not shock me that Slash would carry a surf board.

Joanna stated

  • That these sightings of Slash on Airport Road, might have something to do with my own mental well being, and that I am somehow either seeing myself or I like to think that I am having my mind travel back and fourth (Much like Desmond), to a time period in which I dressed up as the real slash for Halloween in 2003. (7 years ago? What the fuck!?!)

I would entertain that idea more, if there were not “others” who have witnessed to what I speak of.  But I do thank you for making me be able to put myself into some sort of similar group as Brotha Des….. two fucking LOST references, effortlessly typed.

Drew is the first individual EVER, to take the newly found information from Rob, regarding Slash on Airport Road, while carrying a surf board………and use this information to come up with a new theory regarding Slash, and why he was walking on Airport Road, all while he was carrying a surfboard, on multiple occasions.  This new theory from Drew, contradicts his old Slash Ghost Theory, but until a theory is proven false, it is wise to present the reader with multiple theories, even if they contradict each other from time to time, since the more theories presented, the more likely that one of them will prove to be true…..  He states:

  • Slash used to walk back and forth between Copperfield’s and Sha-Na-Na’s in his neverending quest to get blackout drunk and slay some toothless Oakland Beach hottie. Slash had his license at this time, but played shit smart so as not to attract the fuzz.  One night, Slash struck out and none of his usual slampieces were at either bar. He eventually wandered home and found he had a message on his answering machine (cell phones were not so common in those days) from a regular barpig looking for a booty call. Now maybe it’s due to her location, or maybe it’s due to Slash’s need to get a nut off quick, but Slash decides to get behind the wheel in order to get over there ASAP. However, Slash does not achieve his goal because he’s fucking Slash and carries himself as such. He gets pulled over by Warwick’s finest and is booked and eventually convicted for DUI. Maybe what we never knew about Slash was that he always was a surfer. And maybe because of his ill-advised decisions that night he had to walk to the park and ride on Airport Road in order to catch a shuttle or bus down to the beaches that actually had surf.

So we are starting to get somewhere with the myths and legends of Slash on Airport Road.  Does anyone else feel like contributing?


So I do not even remember that last time I have ever talked to Hollie, but we went to the same elementary school, we friended each other on facebook recently, and have not said a word to each other…… until today and it regards slash on Airport Road.  I seem to do that a lot with people on facebook, and apologize if I come off as a douche.  She has some information.

  • “Oh wow I so remember this guy walking up airport rd w a surfboard…so weird I was driving down airport rd last week and wondering where he went mother said he was catching the bus.”

Unfortunately it leads me to think that this guys taking the bus to work……hopefully I do not get anymore information that leads me to think that Slash is just a regular dude who is taking the bus to work and walking home……please let the next story that someone tells me, be about something awesome that you witnessed Slash doing, or make up a story if you have to.  I don’t want Slash on Airport road to become a boring every day guy like me…..