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How much time do you have on your hands?

Do you like conspiracy theories?

Do you believe in aliens?

If you answered:

Plenty, yes, and yes……then you might find some entertainment in watching these videos of Alex Collier.  From what I have heard that is not his real name, and some of the things he has stated that would occur have not occured.

He did say in 1994 that New York City would be in ashes by 2000 by an act of terrorism, and that seems pretty close if you ask me.  He also said that southern California would be flooded by now……….so maybe he is right sometimes and wrong other times, or maybe it’s just that some of the things he has said have either not happened yet….. or alien intervention prevented the events from  happening.
Anyways, he has a lot to talk about, and here are some of his videos.  If you find yourself bored, you might get some entertainment or some good information for your the way to go about life by watching it.


(go to youtube to watch the next 8 parts, it clogs my blog posting them all here)



(go to youtube to watch the next 8 parts)

There are plenty of other videos out there and tons of information…….if you are intrigued I suggest you Google it.

That is of course until a president pushes the kill switch on the internet.

Then where the fuck would we be?

Back in the fucking caves………back in the god damn caves man.

Dirty sleeping arrangements, dark living quarters, shitting and pissing outside (one of which I seem to do on a regular basis in an area of my backyard anyways so that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world), poor dental hygiene, nasty body hygiene, and incredibly dirty sex for the primal instinct of reproduction.

I hope that killswitch never gets pulled.  But if it does, maybe I am just overreacting to the ramifications of it.

But then again, I don’t know…….if some elected official by the people, decides to turn off the internet and shuts us off from all of the free information it provides us……..then we mind as well be fucking cavemen and cavewomen.  And fucking cavemen and cavewomen is a dirty fucking business……one business I hope to never have to be a part of.

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now……..