I hope you find some entertainment from the nonsense that I choose to write about…..

  1. jillinthebox90 says:

    Yes, there is entertainment and enjoy the writing style 🙂

    • You commented in my “About” section.


      Thanks Jill. I haven’t done much with this site lately. Writing takes a lot of time, and life finds reasons for me to spend my time doing things instead of sitting down to write. In fact; by the time I am done writing this reply to you (which I am unsure you will even receive), this will be the biggest thing I will have written in some time.

      I have found that I enjoy shooting videos with me narrating, because writing down all the thoughts I want to express takes some time. Then there is the proof reading and editing. Writing takes time. Filming is much quicker, but my dialogue will not be as edited as my writing. So I don’t sound as cool with my choice of words. Video does have some flaws over writing for this reason, plus other reasons.

      When I film the camera is all over the place, because I am more focussed on what I am saying as opposed to what I am filming. Plus, I am not going to edit the video in anyway, so it will be flawed with typical “um’s”, and stuff like that.

      On top of all this…… I find my voice kind of annoying sometimes when I listen to it. I feel most people will feel this way at some point in their life. Ever hear your voice on an answering machine when you were younger? I always thought that I must have sounded cooler in real life, than I did in the message.

      Regardless of these apparent flaws over writing,I have considered turning this site into a video narration by myself as opposed to a written narration.

      Maybe I should get on that, I have a few already in the can!

      Thanks for your comment.

      Andrew Michaels

  2. jillinthebox90 says:

    I did get this. Woohoo.

    I completely agree with what you are saying. There is so much, unbelievably SO much, that I want to say through my writing, SO much I want my brain to record so that I can sit down and write about but no, when I do get the time to write, well, it just turns out to be a shoddy post.

    I do take a great liking towards film editing, shooting not so much. Too much running around and pro-equipment renting, buying and handling and the list goes on.

    Looking forward to the video narrations!

    Seni 🙂

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