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watch it….

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A slight hiatus…..

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Well I have been excitedly writing my latest idea for a novel, and I have decided to focus my writing there for the time being, probably for the next month or so.  I will still update my blog, but it will probably just be videos or links I find funny.  See you on the flipside……

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now………

My cousin wrote this in 1994, he read it at my Grandfather’s funeral service.  I was 13 at that time and I thought it was a great piece of work.  For one reason or another, I never talked to him about how great I thought it was until today, 16 and a half years later.  He then gave me a copy of it. I wanted to share it with anyone who passes through this site.

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now……..