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Push Play and listen while you read….I like this song.

This conversation took place at my house last weekend upon sitting down at the fire outside.  I have many conversations to blog about which are better than this one, but I owe it to LOST, to post this now before the grand finale.

I am unsure of who exactly said which parts, so I am just labeling everyone as “Person #”.  SPOILER ALERT! Not that it will make any sense towards a NON-LOST viewer….

Person 1

“I wonder how the Man in Black was able to kill his mother?”

Person 2

“Maybe it was because he stabbed her, before she had a chance to speak to him……”

Person 1

“Yeah I guess that’s possibly right, since Dogen said the same thing to Sayid, regarding him stabbing someone who he will see that he knows from his past, AND he knows is dead, before he has a chance to speak to him, or else it will be too late.”

Person 3

“Yeah but, the Man in Black’s mother was speaking to him his whole life, so I am not sure if that theory is right.”

Person 2

“Well then, maybe the Man in Black was able to kill his mother, because the dagger was magnetized, upon him throwing it at the well”

Person 4

(Who has never watched an episode of LOST)

“You guys have no idea how ridiculous this conversation sounds……”

Person 1


Person 2


Person 3


Person 1

“You should REALLY consider watching LOST…….”

I am really going to miss this fucking show……

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now…..


So these LOST videos are pretty time consuming to make.  I hope you get enjoyment out of it otherwise I am wasting a severe amount of my own time, and I hope you know how to read since it is very text involved.  If you do not know how to read, well then, I guess you are not reading what I am typing right here, so I am wasting even more of my time, by addressing illiterate folk.

The title of this video is:


(It is a LONG video)

I need to also thank someone, her blog is below:

check out her site, she has some good LOST drawings……

(I used her artwork of Jacob and the Man in Black for my video…….without asking her of course, and if she has a problem with that, she just needs to tell me so……but that would REALLY suck if she wanted me to take it down, because I put way too much time into this video…..maybe I should have just asked her in advance……I know for a fact that I am way smarter in hindsight…….. WAY cooler in hindsight too, I always come up with the perfect thing to say……in hindsight.)

I hope you enjoy……

This is What Andrew Michaels is doing now…….

Everything is Lost: Part 4

Posted: April 20, 2010 in LOST
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I am going to create an animation board game that describes exactly what the point of “LOST” is.  I have it all planned out beautifully……..I just do not know how to do anything regarding animation.  This project might have to be on hold indefinitely.

Jacob goes out into the world and finds human beings that have very admirable traits.    These traits in which he is searching for may include: Leadership, Loyalty, Bravery, Strength, Faith, or Forgiveness (and probably a shit load more).  When he finds people who show these traits strongly in life, Jacob pays them a visit and touches them.  When he touches them, he is not thinking about their well being.  Instead, he is choosing these people to represent human beings, with their main purpose, is to be persuaded by evil or the “Man in Black”.  It is ultimately up to these individuals to be persuaded by evil to do something evil, and in return, you will get what you desire most.

Jacob picked these candidates to get brought to the island, and individually hand picked each of them because of their individual strengths in human character that these candidates exhibit.  Jacob knows that by touching these individuals, they will each be put into an extreme situation, of being persuaded by evil, with their wildest dreams being promised to them if they give in to temptation.  Jacob believes that at least some candidates that he brought to the island, will in the end, not be manipulated by this evil, and they would rather stand for the greater good of humanity by preventing the evil from ever leaving the island.

Lost is a board game.  Jacob finds all the “pieces” that the “Man in Black” can use, in anyway that he is capable of manipulating or persuading.  It is the “Man in Black’s” time right now in the show, that he has been working at and manipulating, for a very long time.

He has manipulated countless people and candidates, in countless ways, in order to be where he is right now with these people and candidates.  He only has so many pieces left to use in this board game.  These also happen to be the people that Jacob touched, and manipulated to be right where they are, right now on the island.  Jacob knows that these people will not ever let the evil leave the island.

I want to make an animation board game that describes exactly what I explained above, but showed it in a comedic way.  I have it all planned out beautifully……..I just do not know how to do anything regarding animation.  This project might have to be on hold indefinitely…….

I think Desmod is special because he turned the fail safe key that released the electromagnetic energy, and was at the epicenter of the release of energy.  The next time we see him after turning the key, he is fully naked as if he was reborn.  But just because you are special does not mean that you deserve to go through the pain of whatever a huge fucking copper coil is capable of producing on a human.  Very distasteful way to treat one of my favorite characters.  It has been far too long brotha…….see you next week.

ALSO…..THIS EXACT SCENE WAS NEVER IN THE EPISODE…….watch it again if you think I don’t know what I am talking about.  He broke out of the chair before it got light in the box.

So I put this video together about two weeks ago, but it has since become slightly obsolete.  First Richard came out of the fucking woods, when I assumed we would not see him again until his episode.  Then fucking Miles recently became useful for the first time ever in the show, when he told of Ben killing Jacob.  You may notice these flaws when watching the video.  Regardless I am posting the video since I did put some time into making it, and also in honor of two of my favorite characters of the show.  It is called……

Richard Alpert’s Files:  Confidential Island Intelligence:  Scouting Report # 1: Team Smoke Monster:    Sayid Jarrah

I think it has a catchy title……almost poetic.

Hope you enjoy:


Posted: March 3, 2010 in LOST, Smoke monster videos

This is easily the best season of lost, based on what we have been given so far.  I have yet to be upset with a single episode.  I hope you enjoy my new video I put together called:


I hope that if you enjoyed the first smoke monster video I put together, you will enjoy this one as well. Please comment if you enjoy it……you have no clue how much joy it brings me when I get a comment…..

I would like to thank a forum member on a site I go to,who I only know as Superman07, for his input which helped me make this video better with a few tweaks…….

This is called:

The smoke monster’s first time getting fired for disturbance on the job, upon leaving the island forever….