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So………. one of the forums that I like to read (and occasionally post very random / strange comments in), has a decent “gif” page.  Those are the short video clips that can be viewed over and over again, in a loop, on some webpage.  I am sure most of you know what a gif is……….but I figured I should still explain what it is, just in case.

If you watch “The Soup” or “Tosh-0”, some of these will be familiar.  I like all of the ones I put on here for one reason or another, and I hope you find some entertainment from them as well.

They are all in a slideshow below  (it might take a minute to load all of it up), push the stop button immediately when given the chance……  Otherwise it will scan through each one too quickly, and you will miss the point of many of the gifs.  When you are done with the one you are watching, you just push the “next arrow” in the slideshow for the next one to start.

Now…….before you begin watching, we need to first discuss music…….

I choose these songs specifically to be listened in the background, while you are enjoying the gifs.

I guess I picked these specific songs for you to listen to, because they were the songs that I was listening to while I looked at all the gifs, and decided to share them with you here.

Push Play for music, and then start watching the slideshow……

push the stop button immediately on the slideshow to take your own time with each……

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you if you listened to my unique playlist and found some enjoyment in each song……Because I do………

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now………


So…..I was reading a forum on “Pictures that say 1000 words”.  Many different things.  Some truly inspiring.  Some truly horrific.

This one made made me laugh.  I have brought all of the pictures over from someone’s night out in Cardiff. Supposedly, all the ruckus was for a rugby game.

Click on any to enlargen.


American Idol is back bitches!…….Well it has been for a bit, but it is now back on my blog.


J-LO is not as annoying as many most likely expected her to be.  She seems quite sweet and likable.

Steven Tyler is the man, even in his underage inappropriate ways.

Watch this if you want examples……

And Randy is Randy I guess.

Since I openly admit to watching this show, I have no problem talking and writing about it from time to time.  I consider myself a casual viewer.  It’s far from the end of the world if I miss an episode.

Usually I will have a laptop beside me.  When a singer does his or her thing, I might look up and see who it is.  I then look to my girlfriend; give a thumbs up or thumbs down, and then get back to reading whatever was holding my attention (better than that singer).

But every so often………..someone really grabs my attention.  Being a heterosexual, I find it odd to say that it is usually a dude who has the ability to captivate me……..not a pretty lady.

I did acquire two man crushes last night.  One was in the making since I first saw him, the other was acquired in a rather quicker fashion.  I will discuss him first.

Mancrush 1

His name is Paul McDonald.

I think this dude will go far in the competition.

I do not think he is as scrubby as his hair might make him out to be.

I also believe that he takes a lot of time to get his hair to look like that…..(just the opinion from a guy who thinks about hair on a fairly regular basis)

After he covered “Blackbird” by the Beatles, I said that he was my favorite……..

He is the first person on this video and sings two songs……check him out.  I think both songs are within the first minute.

I also think that he could have played himself in LOST, and he would have been a better “Charlie” than Dominic Monaghan (who never had the charisma that I feel that a character like “Charlie” should have had).

Mancrush 2

His Name is Chris Medina.

I always really liked this dude.

If you watch the show, you know that this guy is extremely admirable in his life story.

If you don’t know it and want to see his story, here is the video  (his audition is at the 2:30 mark if you just want to hear him sing):

Anyways……..this guy won me over before he even sang……….and then he fucking sung.

He was great…..just what I was looking for in a mancrush………a good voice, a great personality, and an admirable story.

He sang last night………check it out

When he finished that song, I said that “He is my new favorite……”

Then he was eliminated by the judges.

Fuck those asshole judges……..

J-LO……what a stuck up bitch, you are colder than Simon.

And you know what?  Simon would not have let him be eliminated.

And Randy……..dawg, you got no heart…… fucking heart dawg………

Steven, you are still the man.  You can do WHATEVER the fuck you want.  Relapse once a year for the rest of your life if you want to.  My opinion of you will NEVER change.


I still have Paul McDonald I guess…….but for right now Paul………you just can’t fill this Chris Medina void.

I will heal and mend over time though…… and then come again to embrace you once again in the coming weeks.

On a side note………I hope that wonderful things happen for Chris Medina, if anyone deserves such great things in life, it is him……

On a further side note…….. Hopefully I do not talk or write about any more mancrushes for a while, but if I do………… it will most likely be my vote for up and coming “A LIST movie star”, Bradley Cooper……..of course.

Mancrush 3

I mean…….can you honestly think of anyone who can wear an entirely black suit better than he does in “The Hangover”?

I can’t………

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now……………

“Deaf people gave a fuck……”

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Deaf people have gotten the shaft for many years in terms of communication technology.  There once was a time when deaf people and hearing people were much closer, in terms of what long distance communication each respective group were capable of producing.

When there was no technology to assist communication:

  • A hearing person could communicate as far as he or she could yell and hear in a conversation
  • A deaf person could communicate as far as he or she was capable of reading someone else sign language something to them

On most occasions; the person who can hear can obviously communicate farther, but not all occasions.  If a deaf guy had really good sight, and a hearing person had laryngitis or something, then the deaf person would communicate further than the hearing person in such a scenario.

As for long-distance early-society communication, both groups were capable of using mail at the same rate of speed (if a postal service existed in their society).

Then after centuries and centuries of boredom, came the radio waves (in the early 1900’s ).

Radio waves were a really big deal for hearing people.  It initially allowed for important people to communicate over much longer distances.  Then the radio waves eventually lead to hearing people enjoying music, sports, and other forms of entertainment.  It was a wonderful step forward for communication for people who could hear.  Radios were the big ticket purchase for home owners when they became available to the public for purchase.  If someone in the neighborhood bought one; then every other person in the neighborhood would be extremely jealous, and would hope to get invited by to experience it first hand.  It was a wonderful step forward for the technology in communication for the people who could hear.  Radios were a BIG FUCKING DEAL.

On the other hand:

Deaf people didn’t give a fuck……….

Around the same time came the household telephone.

Telephones were a really big deal for hearing people.  It also initially allowed for important people to communicate over much longer distances, but it was much more convenient than radio waves.  A phone could communicate to a lot more people, and also allow for private phone numbers as well as private conversations.  Eventually phones were cheaper to make and were found in many houses.  Everyone now had an instant and convenient form of communication.  It was once again a wonderful step forward in the technology of communication for the people who could hear……..Telephones were a BIG FUCKING DEAL.

On the other hand:

Deaf people didn’t give a fuck……….

(*Deaf people could use a typewriter phone and a relay system through an operator.  This form of communication over long distances was similar in fashion as instant messaging with someone on a computer.  Although you can definitely communicate in such a way, it never feels like a real conversation due to the typing, waiting and reading required in order to have a conversation.)

Next came the cellular phone.

Cellular phones were a really big deal for the hearing people.  It once again initially allowed for important people to communicate over much longer distances, but it was much more convenient than conventional telephone since it was mobile.  A cellular phone could allow the owner to communicate where ever he or she was, and also have the same capabilities as a house phone.  Eventually, cellular phones prices got low enough to be owned by a much larger group of people in our country.  Everyone now had a convenient form of communication, which could also be mobile.  It was yet again a wonderful step forward in the technology of communication for people who could hear……..The original cellphones were a BIG FUCKING DEAL.

On the other hand:

Deaf people didn’t give a fuck……….

Next came the smart phone,  and finally…………. a  step forward in the mobile technology of communication for deaf people.

Smart phones were a really big deal for hearing people and now are for deaf people.  It once again initially allowed for important people to communicate over much longer distances, but it was much more convenient than conventional cellular phones since it could also access the internet, take pictures, record videos, play music, text message, play games and eventually video chat……..

Eventually, smart phones prices got low enough to be owned by the much larger group of people in our country.

I was watching a television show tonight.  There was a deaf guy who was using a smart phone, and utilizing the video chat option to communicate to another deaf person.  He had the phone facing him with one hand and he was using sign language with his other hand.  The other person he was on the chat with could watch this, and then he responds with some different hand gestures (which I don’t have the faintest fucking clue to being able to translate….).

Deaf people can now carry a mobile device which allows for instant, real communication with whoever else possesses a smart phone (and knows how to sign language).  The smart phones are a BIG FUCKING DEAL.

On this hand:

Deaf people gave a fuck……….

I would now like to show a graph which expresses the point of this post:


This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now…….

For the past few years, my dental assistant always asks me whether or not I floss.  I always understand this to be a politically correct way for the dental assistant to tell me that she knows I that I do not floss……….and that I am a lazy fuck.  Funny enough; the other day while my open mouth was being violated by her, she didn’t even ask.  I fear that she may have given up on me, and she has lost all hope in me.

The reason I do not floss requires a two-excuse response.  The excuse you receive is 100 percent dependent on whether you are asking why I do not floss when I brush my teeth before I go to work in the morning……..OR, why I do not floss when I brush my teeth before I go to bed at night………..

I will first explain why I do not floss in the morning.

In the morning, I take advantage of every minute before I arrive at work.  I like to sleep in the morning……..A LOT.  I never want to get out of bed.

If someone came up to me and said:

“Dude……..wake the fuck up……..each and everyday………..whenever the fuck you want.  The work day will never start until 20 minutes after you arrive at work, regardless of how long you take to get there.  It will always be 8:00 A.M. upon your arrival.  Take a shower if you want, or don’t…..if you think that your longer hair looks presentable (regardless of just waking up).  Eat a breakfast; or don’t, if you just feel like having an iced coffee.  Buy that iced coffee at Starbucks; sit down on the most comfortable couch they have, for as long as you want while you play on your generation 3 prototype IPAD.”

I most definitely would be pretty pumped about this idea.

I would have no way of describing the powers that this person must posses in order to grant me such a luxury.

The dude would have to be at least on par with Jacob from LOST.

Fuck……even if the Man in Black offered me that pimp life, I most likely would side with him.

Back to my work situation (which explains why I do not floss in the morning)

I work at a place that takes me two minutes to get to in the morning.  It’s probably about 2 miles away at most.

I am 30, and this is my ninth year into my professional career.  Please don’t think that this means that I care AT ALL about arriving early to work, or me showing up to work occasionally rocking some semi bed head.

My hair is longer now……..its easier to have my long hair be presentable while being kind of messy, than it was a couple months ago when I had short hair. It used to require a shower each and every morning, in order to deal with my shorter hair…….which would stick the fuck up in every imaginable way possible.

In the present; I do not have to shower every morning, so I really enjoy taking advantage my time before work by sleeping.

I am supposed to be at work at 8:00 at the latest.  I have no responsibilities until 8:20…… I usually try my best to arrive at work at 8:00 A.M. at THE EARLIEST.

Most other workers arrive at work around 7:30, or 7:45 at the latest.

On a typical workday…..

At 7:30:

  • I am still sleeping.

At 7:45:

  • I am usually around the second level of my snooze process to awake on five minute intervals. If I am laying in bed awake at this time, I decide it is an acceptable time for me to get up.

The other day I woke up at 8:07……..(my alarm went off at 7:35, I thought I pushed snooze………….)

I was mistaken……

I was at work at exactly 8:13………

I had 7 minutes to spare, before my responsibilities began.  I feel that my appearance would receive a grade of a C+.

Remember…….a C is considered average, so I am grading myself only slightly better than average.

I am ok with this.

I woke up randomly…… and very luckily, at a time which was still very feasible to succeed in arriving to my work before my responsibilities began.  Grading my appearance at a C+ is stellar…….especially considering that I was at work, ready to go……..only 6 minutes after I was in bed fully asleep.

(Most likely delta waves were taking place in my brain, my dream was extremely vivid previous to waking up)

Maybe those around me at work would grade me lower than I perceive my grade.  I truly could be considered a scrub by some people now that I think about it.  That would be pretty bad if all this time I have been a scrub in denial of how blatantly apparent my scrubiness is.

I remember one time it was in the early evening, and I was on the couch.  My girlfriend wanted to get into her comfy pajamas, so she asked me if I was already wearing mine.  My response was:

“NO…… I am still wearing the clothes that I slept in the night before, which just so happened to be the same clothing that I wore to work the day before, which is also the clothing that I wore to work today.”

Sometimes I work in different buildings depending on the day.  I; for one reason or another, always felt that it is more acceptable to wear the same clothing multiple days in a row to work, as long as I am in such a scenario.

Less people at work to witness my blatant laziness allows me blossom in life spiritually.  Seeing as I don’t need to find anything different to wear, it can allow for more sleep in the morning. I would say this happens maybe once every month and a half.  So…..yes, I know I can definitely be a scrub from time to time.  I have kept up with my laundry these days though.


So, I never have time in the morning to floss nor could I be bothered.  I would rather floss before I go to bed, and be allowed to use that possible morning flossing time for sleeping instead.

I will now explain why I do not floss before I go to bed.

I have every intention of flossing when I brush my teeth before I go to bed, but honestly….. I really don’t feel like dealing with that shit at this point of the evening.

I am ussually tired when I brush my teeth; and I just want to be done with my well-conditioned nightly maintenance behavior, so I can be comfortable in bed.

I also really like to sleep; so I would rather go to bed to get the most of my time with sleep, instead of spending some of that potential time with flossing.

Tonight I had an epiphany…….

I had some food stuck in my teeth after dinner.  I believe it was chicken from the soup I ate.  I went in the bathroom and grabbed one of those  Dentek floss things to get the food out between two of my molars……..

I then found myself sitting down, watching tv, while I was subconsciously doing the thing that I never seem to have time to do.  I was flossing……

So fucking what if it wasn’t during a time that I brush my teeth?  The benefits can be reaped regardless.

I told my girlfriend that a few nights a week, I plan on flossing while we watch TV.

So…….. After 30 years of life;I have finally have figured out how to incorporate something into my life, that should have always been always incorporated. Until right now, I have been unable to figure out how to accomplish such a feat.

It makes so much sense.  Just use one of these fucking things after each dinner and I will be money.

I will reinstate the hope back into my dental assistant…….

Next dental visit; she will be uncontrollably smirking with glee all while her smile is perfectly hidden underneath that dental mask she wears.  I will know of this smile because I will be able see the sparkle in her eye that uncontrollably occurs along with the uncontrollable smirk she hides.

Who the fuck am I kidding?

I go into the dental office, sit down, open my mouth as wide as I can, and shut my fucking eyes as hard as I can……the entire time.

I only open them if I am told to wash out my mouth.

Maybe the dude with Jacob-like powers could just set me up with some kind of deal where I don’t need to ever go to the dentist ever again as well.

I most definitely would be pretty pumped about this idea as well…….

This is What Andrew Michaels is doing now……….

Holy Fuck……..this movie looks quite bad ass. Those crazy Koreans know how to make a brutal film……

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now……..

If we make it past 2012; and each year after that without a major catastrophic event setting us back 10,000 years,  then I believe that this man will be remembered as a pioneer in his predictions of what is to come of human civilization or our way of life in the future.

This first video is of Ray Kurzweil in 1965:

This is him at some point in recent years on his thoughts of our possible “singularity”:

It makes sense to me…….computers and machines making better computers and machines will take us to some place that we are unable to comprehend, thus the singularity……

I am not sure if this is good or bad for our future. I feel that it already is not looking too good for all of us (without accounting for what this will do to our species).  So in that sense, I feel that it can only help us in excelling mankind to some new place, or a way of life that is better than what we have now.

Some day in the future, smart phones will be ancient antiques because the mind will be capable of uploading any data automatically from a super computer which can communicate using wireless brain wave transmissions.  This future is coming whether we like it or not.  Someday I will be the grumpy old man who is complaining each day about how everyone is too busy to talk, because they are playing their games, texting, or updating their homepage-status……..inside their heads.

Anti social behaviors; which I am already extremely not fond of in the present due to smart phones, will get MUCH WORSE……..

I will be that grumpy old man who is complaining, because everyone around me at a social gathering is too preoccupied with the wireless brain wave transmissions that they are receiving or sending out.  They barely have a reason to be in the social gathering, if that is how they plan on spending a good portion of their time while barely being physically present.  Fuck that shit……….hard.

This is something else Andrew Michaels is doing now…….