Professor Griff

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
  1. Adolph Spangheimer says:

    It’s nice to know that crazy doesn’t discriminate.

    • Adolph Spangheimer says:

      ps Why does Gravatar assign me a swastika as an avatar?

      • I think that symbol originally symbolized hope. I think that’s what Robert Langdon said anyways. Or something close to hope….

        Tom Hanks is a lot of things, but he sure as hell is not who I envisioned to play Robert Langdon while I was reading “Angels and Demons” and “The Davinci Code”

        Ralph Fiennes and Kevin Kline did though…..

        And throw in Mathew Modine…. Mostly because on few separate occasions, I have been told that I have some “Mathew Modine” look going on for me.

        I think a 45 year old version of myself (I am 33 now), might be perfect for the part of Robert Langdon. I would just need to tone down my long hair, dress better, be a great deal smarter, and well studied.

        Andrew Michaels

    • Adolph Spangler!

      I am so sorry it took me so long to reply! I will admit it, I saw your comment on this a while ago….. It’s just that lately, my mind has been so busy with lots of things that seem to grab my attention.

      I hope all is well in life, thank you for being a repeat commentator on my site. Please follow my adventures on my soon to be opened website entitled

      It will chronicle all the best shots recorded while we are playing ping ping. Two high definition cameras positioned at good angles, to show off the best of the best.

      Originally, I bought the domain name in order to drive traffic to It by showing an entertaining look at ping pong……

      THEN…. I would sell my site to a porno site for a handsome profit.

      It seemed like a nice, logical way to make some money by utilizing the Internet.


      As I have just come to start this venture with my best friend, my mind was instantly changed on my ultimate goal.

      I feel that I will enjoy my new site so much….. that I could never consider giving it up to the millionaires and billionaires who control the online market of pornography. They have enough…..

      They will not control, (unless I am offered retirement-in-my-30’s type of payment of course….).

      I will make money from advertisements on the site instead of giving it up..

      This is the dream Adolph Spangler, you heard it here first…..

      Andrew Michaels

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