Tom Jones and I were both the shit…

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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At one point in high school a buddy said I danced like Tom Jones. This was not a compliment.

This is the same dude who rocked a Steven Seagal pony tail until the ripe age of 32. He is also the guy who can take a leak longer than anyone I know. I recorded it once, it’s called the urination obligation. Google it. Or just scroll down my blog, you will eventually find it.

Anyways, Tom Jones really was the shit. This guy was pimp.

That also means that I was the shit too….and that I was also pimp.

  1. Bildo says:

    There may be some kind of space-time-continuum thing working against you there…

    • Yeah, but time doesn’t really exist.

      So neither can space-time, since it is 50 percent filled with something that is man made.

      Space…….that shit is true. I got no beef with space. I intend to buy a telescope some day. Some kind of pimp setup where it can plug directly into a laptop for viewing.

      Time? I got a huge beef with this man-made concept.

      Time fucks with me on a daily basis.

      If i could throw out my clocks and calenders, I would in a second.

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