My 19th Birthday…..

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

I found this comment made on reddit posted by someone who was named “C is 4 cookie”:

My 18th birthday was pretty much forgotten by everyone. My dad called in the morning to wish me a happy 18th. No one else even remembered. I don’t really blame them, my brother was in college, my mom was busy with work and grad school, my friends – well, they should have remembered. My mom remembered the next day and was really upset that she forgot.
Boomerang story: next year. I am a freshman in college and turning 19. I have a small group of new friends that find out it is my birthday and ask what I want. I have only know these people for about 2 months, so I tell them I just want to be remembered. You know, just say happy birthday.
I was not expecting what happened the next day. They flyered the entire campus with ~1000 copies of pictures + messages wishing me a happy birthday. They chalked the quad, the armory, the entrance to every dorm, even the pillars on the auditorium; and they did it all in one night. I walked around campus on my birthday and random people I never met would say happy birthday to me. It was awesome.


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