“Hey Universe, here come some real bad people…..”

Posted: November 25, 2011 in Uncategorized


OR CHOOSE NOT TO LISTEN TO IT……..because we do happen to live in a place that affords us choice.

This is definitely NOT Kim Jong-il territory.

(Unless you cannot see the Play button, then you might be in Kim Jong-il territory, or maybe you just are using a computer that does not recognize that audio player in my post.)

Anyways…….on to my post:

“Hey Universe, here come some real bad people…..”

We as humans have to deal with middlemen in just about every situation. This gives us less quality, less efficiency, less everything…….since the middlemen always take their slice of the pie.

So…….I was thinking about some basic middlemen that we all deal with on a basic level for survival. I have come to the conclusion that we really need to become solar on a genetic level for our main means of receiving our energy. Plants do it, so why can’t we?

Plants were created with the ultimate form of survival. The ability to take energy directly from the sun. Think about it……..Superman also receives his energy the same way. Plants were granted a Superman strength, BUT they were hindered since they were not afforded the luxury of thought.

We; on the other hand were awarded the ability of thought, but we are required to deal with middlemen in order to receive energy from the sun.

The sun is the ultimate source of energy in our solar system……Yet we cannot just take our slice of the pie. We have to deal with middlemen in order to reap the energy it provides, for our own survival.

We eat the plants; or eat the animals that eat the plants, for our own survival. On some sense, the animals are yet another level of middlemen since they are in turn eating a middleman, and we are eating them as another level of a middleman. For the sake of this article I will not consider the multiple levels of middlemen, just them one in the same.

The article might get too confusing if I did go that route……

For us to survive; we eat a plant or something that ate a plant, which had gotten it’s energy directly from the sun. That’s a lot of work for our own survival. What if I feel like being a caveman AND lazy? Then what? I just die?

Plants just get to sunbathe each day like they are on vacation for their entire lives.

The plants have got it right.

Imagine just being on vacation your whole life since everything you ever needed for survival was provided for free from the sun. We will be fed from the sun and it will be free, just like the oxygen we breathe.

Unlike plants; we as humans have to worry about survival since we need to look for food on a regular basis. Admittedly……..as long as you have money, it’s not too hard to survive. Everything needed for a comfortable survival is provided to us……….for a slice of the pie.

This is another fucking middleman…..On top of the plant I was originally explaining, and also on top of the one I choose to ignore (the animal). But this middleman is the worst, since it is a human …..(more on that later).

Back to the plant…….

We need to be like it, since it is our natural middleman to the sun.

If we could all just be genetically manipulated to take our energy directly from the sun……. I think that we would all be okay, and not as much bad shit would happen around the world. Everyone would be fed, so no one would be having to worry about survival. We would all just hang out in the sun AND have the ability to think. We would not be oppressed by anything our former society held upon us. Everyone would blossom to their full potential.

We could reach unimaginable levels of understanding what this universe is, which we find ourselves in.

All because we cut out the middleman, and used what the plants were once doing to provide us with the energy from the sun.

We will now live in a temporary world where there are no middlemen. This is only temporary because we are still human, and greed will once again get the best of us.

There would be some real evil humans who are living today, that would get through to this next level of existence as a species. These are people that don’t deserve to get through to a world where everything we need is provided by a sunny day. These people will now be the bad people of our society, BUT NOW with at least one Superman type strength. They will not be happy with just being like everyone else, they will want more power than the rest.

These evil people will look for something else to exploit for their own benefit.

They will want to be closer to the sun for even more power. This will start out with more space travel. And eventually lead us to the colonization of the moon.


If we want to go to the moon on a vacation, it will cost us.

The oxygen we breath on the moon?

We will pay them for it while we are there.

Extinction level event on Earth?

They can take us to a safety shelter on the moon or another planet providing us the best chance for survival……. but we will pay for it, and it ain’t for the middle class to afford.

Fucking super-human middlemen………much more epic in scale compared to regular human middlemen in terms of their exploitations on fellow humans. But the universe doesn’t have to worry just yet.

It’s the Super-Super-Human middlemen that are the ones who the universe has to really start worrying about, since they will one day be trying to steal entire solar systems for their own well being. (admittedly the universe has plenty of time to prepare for such an event caused by a S.S.H. middleman…….)

Now that I get to the end of this piece of writing I believe that I don’t mind middlemen, as long as they are not human middlemen.

It is perfectly fine if plants are our middlemen to the sun, because at least they don’t have the ability to think like humans.


Since they don’t think like humans, they provide us with the oxygen for free.

Hopefully we don’t exploit our DNA to be like a plant anytime soon. If we do succeed in this, then take this as my message of warning:

“Hey Universe, here come some real bad people……”

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now……..


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