What usually happens when I am in the hot tub alone: Part 2

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Something worth sharing with you, Uncategorized

Tonight I got to thinking while I was in the hot tub. It was a nice night with a bright moon, so I stayed in longer than usual. I started to think about the possibility of someday purchasing small amounts of gold on a regular basis. I view it as safe way to go with your money, especially seeing as there is only a limited amount of gold available on this planet.

Then it got me to thinking how this limited mineral; among other limited minerals, is a driving force in the way we function as human beings in whatever society we live in. Those societies with the rare metals live much more extravagant than those societies that do not have an abundance of these rare metals. This is all happening because we chose a long time ago to have our limited minerals on this planet be a form of currency. I guess it makes sense since there is only so much of it. Too bad dirt wasn’t a form of currency, then I could have so much money that I could just throw a dirt-bomb at someone and it wouldn’t bother me or my victim in the slightest bit.

Every single dollar bill that the United States prints, is a note representing something related to a promise of available gold, I think……

Our government has led us into 14 trillion dollars of debt, which also represents a large stockpile precious metals like gold, which we owe to another country or group. Our government better have something secret that they have achieved within science and technology, otherwise they ran us into this much debt for nothing.

I find it hard to believe that our government would be this stupid. They need to have something amazing to show for it, although we will probably never get a chance to see what they have.

This pisses me off more than the debt they got us into, because my country’s economy fucking sucks……….and our government most likely has something to show for it…….but I will probably never get to see the cool shit that our country has, which was also something the government felt was of a higher priority than it’s own citizens’ overall well being.

So this means we most likely have a government which has prioritized itself and it’s perseverance, over the well being of the average citizen.

So my question to you is:

Would you rather continue to live under a government which has led our country in this much debt?


Would you rather see this government taken over by the citizens, but then it leads to a wild west scenario as it takes time for a new government to be created from the ground up?

Take a moment to think about it, because more than likely you have no choice regardless, but if you did……which would you prefer to have take place?

My personal thought is that theoretically, having a government which has the best interest of it’s people above the interest of itself sounds really nice. But having to go to through all that wild west might prove quite difficult……but of course doable. Sacrifice our way of life for a better way of life for our grandchildren.

BUT…….I really enjoy my hot tub.

I really don’t think that it would function properly in the wild west, without a form of reliant and consistent electricity. Remember how many machines, and how much work it took Doc Brown to make one or two ice cubes? Never mind how dirty the ice looked……

Now…..imagine how much work and machinery it would take to heat my jacuzzi……

I guess what I am saying is that even if I live in a country with a government which led us into 14 trillion dollars worth of rare minerals debt to another country, at least it is in a country where I can still enjoy my jacuzzi. The government has given me the opportunity to enjoy my jacuzzi even in all the debt that they have gotten us into.

I highly doubt that the local militia style wild west government in the other scenario would grant me the ability to enjoy my jacuzzi, even if it was in no debt of rare minerals to another country. so this is a tough question for me to answer.

Ultimately I would give in and give up the hot tub for the well being of future generations……plus when I am old and grumpy it could be a piece of information that I could constantly throw into the faces younger people who are acting like assholes in a future society of better well being than our current.

“I gave up my hot tub for you, and the well being of your entire fucking generation……you little inconsiderate prick, stop acting like such an asshole, or else I am going to have to dust off my shotgun which got me through the Second Wild West. You fucking little punk…….know your goddamn place.”

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now…….


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