Game of thrones special effects

Posted: September 23, 2011 in Something worth sharing with you

  1. Bildo says:

    Pretty amazing. I am convinced that one day we will be able to use the same computer technology to shape our dreamscapes….and then plug in before bedtime. That will be very cool….until people become addicted to sleep because it will be far better than reality. Schools will teach S.A.R.E (Sleep Awareness Resistance Education)….but it will do nothing except peak a childs interest in sleep intoxification. People will create sleep labs in their basement once the government outlaws sleepscaping….The war on sleep will surely ensue.

    • Sometimes I have fascinating dreams. A few weeks ago I was reading another forum regarding lucid dreaming. The person who wrote the post had a lot of info on how to have a lucid dream, and I read about half of it. Long story short, that night I had a lucid dream. As I was laying in bed with my eyes closed, I just let myself see whatever my mind was showing me. I did not force any thoughts, I basically just watched what my brain was randomly forming visually while my eyes were closed. This went on for a little while before my dream began.

      Anyways, I ended up partially aware in a dream. At first I was outside a house sitting down, I heard a deep voice that was not mine, and in a language which definitely was not english, but not necessarily any real language. The point was that something was definitely being said to me by my subconscious, but I have no way knowing what it was that was said.

      I was then inside the house with another person. She seemed very frightened. I looked at a door leading outside on the side of the house, my uncle Jimmy was there talking to someone who was on the outside of the house who I could not see who it was. They both looked at us. The person with us was scared as I mentioned but I was not, she said to me something along the lines “we are both free spirits who have been brought here”.

      She then walked me away from the area of my uncle and towards the front door. She then pleaded with me in a very frantic voice, “please, just open the front door……I need you to open the front door!!”. I looked at the door and instead of opening it, I pointed at it and tried to cut the front door open with the laser I could shoot out of my finger. I know that sounds weird, but it was something I kind of did in my dream instead of just opening it with my hand, to show myself that I was indeed dreaming. I then woke up. At no point was I frightened until I woke up and realized how real this voice seemed in it’s pleading with me to open the door. I unfortunately do not know if the door was opened with my laser pointy finger.

      It was tough to fall back asleep after that since it really felt like someone in my dream other than myself seemed very scared and was practically begging for my help.

      I was not on any drugs that night when the dream occurred. Maybe it is the fact that I was just reading about lucid dreaming. Regardless it makes me realize how amazing our brains are in terms of their capabilities in situations like dreaming.

      The person with me in my dream had it’s own personality outside of my own. She was scared, I was not. It felt like a real person I was with and this means that this personality was compartmentalized outside of my own personality, within my dream.

      Maybe we really go somewhere else when we dream…….or maybe its all in our head.

      Who the fuck knows?

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