Jumbo marshmallows

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Have you seen these jumbo marshmallows?

I have……I instantly bought them with the intentions of making smores when we had some people over.

That night passed…….and two thirds of the bag remained after that night. This was two weeks ago.

I have slowly eaten away at them……. as-Is.

No s’mores………

No peanut butter sandwich with jumbo marshmallows instead of marshmallow fluff……..

Just a man; eating something the size of a small apple, made entirely of marshmallow……all by itself.

Tonight, I have come to a crossroad…….

There were three left. I decided to take two, and leave one.

I know it sounds crazy to leave one marshmallow all by itself in that bag on the counter….. for multiple reasons.

First, it will be a less satisfying snack than tonight, since it will be half the snack.

Second, who the fuck leaves one marshmallow behind?

Apparently I do…….

Isn’t there some unspoken law I am breaking; that basically revolves around some type of buddy system, in regards to how many marshmallows should be left behind until they are all taken?

From time to time, I leave empty boxes behind with no food left inside them…….right there in the cupboard.

I have no explanation to why I do it……

“Oh hello guest in my house……you want a mocha fiber-one bar??? Sorry dude……none in there, I forgot to throw away the empty box……how about some graham crackers instead?

We bought some for s’mores the other night and have a full box unopened…….go get em…”


Three jumbo marshmallows as is seemed like a bit too much.

Now I have a bag on my counter which is holding 1 jumbo marshmallow.

My girlfriend has not mentioned once the fact that our s’mores supplies have slowly diminished to the point of there only being one more fucking jumbo marshmallow.

She is pretty cool….and quite pretty.

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now……

  1. Bildo says:

    I like mashed yams or sweet potatoes with broiled marshmello….good down home flavor combo. Mash a big can of yams with a little brown sugar, salt and pepper, and a splash of soy sauce. Throw them in a small pan and top with a layer of marshmello. Back at 375 until the marshmello looks like they have been browned by a campfire. Good shit….very easy….different way to satisfy your marshmello craving….goes great with roasted chicken…goes great with ribs…incorporate it into sex games….give it a whirl.

    • Holy shit bill……

      Never thought of such a thing, but I am sure it is awesome. This seems like high tech cooking compared to my typical fare. Next time we get together we will make it. I hope everything is going well down there. Congrats again….

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