In honor of the suckiness that is True Blood

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

True Blood is back!

Will season 4 suck as bad as seasons 3, 2, (and to a slightly lesser extent) season 1??????

Only time will tell.  Not that I will be watching it.  I gave up in season three, but then we had them all on dvr and I figured I could fly through it to see if there is any redemption for watching such a cheesy show.  I felt so unsatisfied that I gave it another chance.

If I was put into a situation where I had to continue watching True Blood, or start watching “Friends” from the beginning, I would be at a tough decision……..

Both reek of corniness that my girlfriend seems to be immune towards……

I would only pick True Blood because of the violence, the sex, and the anticipation of seeing full on cock in season 4. Hell, if Game of Thrones is doing it in season 1, it is only be a matter of time until True Blood does it too.

I must give credit to True blood for giving me continuous traffic to my site though.  Who would have thought that me talking about the homo erotic nature of the show would lead to so many people clicking on my site looking for porn.

Here is the link to that blog piece: True Blood = True Suck

Here is an up to date (very extensive) list of all the terms that have been used to find my site through google and yahoo. Most leave unhappy I can only assume…….

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This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now…….

  1. Bildo says:

    I quit his show too. I started to get pissed that everybody is special, i.e. Werewolf, vampire, shape shifter, whatever. It absolutely takes away from the fact that there were odd things living among men….now there are just odd things living around other odd things. Just blow the whole damn town up….who cares. Season 1 had a lot of potential….post season 1 they pulled out all the stops at the same time. Truely queer. On another note, it is very interesting to see what people actually search for on the internet and how that links to your site.

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