Diceman: still the man, telling Charlie where to go, and eyepatches…….

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Uncategorized


This guy is pretty awesome………I know it’s 2011, but you know what? Dice can still entertain me in 2011.  His old stuff never gets old, and his new stuff is new……..That seems pretty awesome to me……

The only thing that has gotten old with Dice, is Dice himself.

Yes……it’s true, Dice doesn’t really look too great……………. and hasn’t aged too well, but what is honestly to be expected to happen to a guy like Dice?

Dice is still himself, he is just stuck in an older, fatter, and always getting progressively worse body suit (which is permanently stuck on him as a final kick in the balls).

Dice will never change who he is, due to what he looks like.  He is who he always has been…….the fucking man.

No wrinkles, balding, or extra adipose tissue, could ever stop him from being who he is, and what life he has always lived.

As you can see, he still does more than ok, even if he doesn’t look like the years have been doing his body much good….

I mean he is wearing an eyepatch, and his white socks are jacked up like an old man, and he is wearing something that I could only describe as a high end fanny pack……..But none of that matters, because Dice is the man regardless of what he looks like.  Dice knows this for sure, I realize this……and this chick most definitely realizes this, and I feel that so should you.

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now………



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