Two and a half men never appealed to me, even though Charlie Sheen is an appealing type of guy…..

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

You know………….I am not the type of guy who likes to give a shit about celebrity gossip, but I must say that I am sucked up into the whole Charlie Sheen thing.  I do not watch “Two and half men”, I never have……..

I guess it never appealed to me to watch the show, even though Charlie Sheen is an appealing type of guy.  It just always seemed so cliche and corny, with the humor and very apparent laugh tracks.

Maybe though, it really is good………….

I mean, A LOT of people seem to like the show.  It just so happens, that I know absolutely NONE of the people who do in fact like it.

I guess this must be the reason that I think the show would be lame.

It’s not because it looks lame………It’s because I don’t know anyone who watches the show.

They would be the ones to tell me, that it is actually a very good show………..I lack these people in my life.

This is why I never cared to watch “Two and a half men”…………..

I am going to try this show out. I have unfairly judged it, without watching it once.  I need to be more open minded with my predetermined judgments I make on things.  That should have been my New Year’s resolution.

It can be a March 4th resolution.

I will watch “Two and a half men”; and this will show the world (or just myself), that I have indeed changed for the better. I am no longer judging things that I have not experienced for myself.

I don’t know though………………..

I think that fucking kid really annoys me……….although, I have nothing to base this on.

He just annoys me, plain and simple……………with no explanation for it.

While I am at it…….I also think that the maid is annoying.  I hardly think that if I watched the show from the beginning; that these two unappealing characters, would start to grow on me………to the point of magically becoming appealing.

I can’t see myself getting all excited, when either of them comes on the show.

I really don’t think that I will ever watch “Two and a half men”…………

But, Charlie………

That guy can do whatever………..the fuck………….. he wants.

There might be consequences to some of the stuff he does though.

I am sure he is fine with this, especially if it means he can keep on living…….and keep on winning.  Even if there is an occasional loss……………….it’s really no big deal to him, because he has won a HELL of a lot more, for his entire life…………than he has lost.

Good for you Charlie.  This guy has done whatever he wanted since he was probably a young kid.  He doesn’t know any other way of living.  He would be so bored living a normal middle class way of life.  I do not know how well it would go over if he was forced to live in such a way.  The withdrawal from his previous life, would be much worse than crack.  I think he would rather die, than live a life of mediocrity, after having all the experiences he was subject to.

Anyways…….this video made me laugh, give it a chance.

If you have some spare time (about an hour), check out the Howard Stern interviews about Charlie Sheen.  I must warn you though; this girl who is interviewed, talks about a lot of crazy shit……

Enjoy………or pass, I will not judge.

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now……….

  1. Bildo says:

    I have to admit that I like the show a lot. i haven’t followed the last couple seasons, but used to watch religiously with Addi when she was a newborn…not sure what that says about me as a person…bit there it is. To my defense she would fall asleep in my arms halfway through…then I would watch the 2nd half by pounding beers and wishing that my life was more like Charlie Sheen’s character. I agree that there are some annoying characters….but they make easy targets for Charlie to crack on. Give it a shot! There are much worse shows out there.

  2. jen says:

    The kid on the show drives me nuts too. I tried to watch it once (for the same reason you say – so many people supposedly like this show that I thought I was missing something). But, no it sucked. I hate that in between scenes there was this three-part harmony of people singing “Men…” So weird and creepy. Tim and I sing it to each other and laugh. The show is just corny. Not sure if they still have this on the show in recent seasons. But one episode was enough for me. I don’t like when characters are stuck in a role, like, “Charlie Sheen’s character is a womanizer,” etc. After just one episode I felt like that was nailed into my skull. Turns out his real-life persona is not that far off…

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