“He looks like he is having fun” (not Charlie Sheen)…..(but yeah, Charlie looks like he’s having fun too).

Posted: March 3, 2011 in american idol
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Welcome to my one sided, very limited review of the top 24 performances of American Idol 2011………

First off, Chris Medina is much better than at least 15 of these top 24.

But that’s beside the point.  I have moved on…….. to my main man Paul, of course.

It was finally Paul McDonald’s turn for the stage.

This easily got me excited, in a non-sexual way.

This would soon change though, when I heard him sing “Maggie May”.

(Occasionally, I find that I am an unintentional poet of EPIC proportions.)


I can see myself as the, “Charlie Sheen of poetry”.

Because the dude IS EPIC…….

If I am not that epic………then I might consider myself “The drug use of Charlie Sheen (of poetry)”

If I am not that epic as well……then I am at least, “The parties hosted by Charlie Sheen (of poetry)”.

Back to Paul McDonald……

I looked to my girlfriend when “Maggie May” started, and I said:

This is why I love fucking this guy”


He did a great job with the song, he picked a song that suits him perfectly.  I would have loved to see and hear the ending to the song (which he omitted), most likely due to time constraints.

The mannerisms of this guy are top fucking notch too.  My girlfriend said that, “He look’s like he is having fun”.

I told her that she just came up with the title for my next blog post for Idol.

The dude does look like he’s having fun…….

Watch and enjoy:



But then, there was another performance that I also thought was top notch too.

Yes…..it’s true that I have yet to mention Casey Abrams.

He is probably number 1 for my girlfriend.

What I really like about him; is his demeanor and voice while he is singing, compared to when he is not.

It’s a pretty big difference.

He seems like he can really get into “character” when he sings, and I think that is important for performing artists.

Watch the whole video, and you will see what I mean.

This is looking to be the “Charlie Sheen of American Idol seasons”……

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now…..


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