Come for the GIFs, stay for the GIFs and music…….

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Something worth sharing with you, Uncategorized
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So………. one of the forums that I like to read (and occasionally post very random / strange comments in), has a decent “gif” page.  Those are the short video clips that can be viewed over and over again, in a loop, on some webpage.  I am sure most of you know what a gif is……….but I figured I should still explain what it is, just in case.

If you watch “The Soup” or “Tosh-0”, some of these will be familiar.  I like all of the ones I put on here for one reason or another, and I hope you find some entertainment from them as well.

They are all in a slideshow below  (it might take a minute to load all of it up), push the stop button immediately when given the chance……  Otherwise it will scan through each one too quickly, and you will miss the point of many of the gifs.  When you are done with the one you are watching, you just push the “next arrow” in the slideshow for the next one to start.

Now…….before you begin watching, we need to first discuss music…….

I choose these songs specifically to be listened in the background, while you are enjoying the gifs.

I guess I picked these specific songs for you to listen to, because they were the songs that I was listening to while I looked at all the gifs, and decided to share them with you here.

Push Play for music, and then start watching the slideshow……

push the stop button immediately on the slideshow to take your own time with each……

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you if you listened to my unique playlist and found some enjoyment in each song……Because I do………

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now………


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