American Idol, my three mancrushes, and my broken heart which will slowly be mended.

Posted: February 24, 2011 in american idol
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American Idol is back bitches!…….Well it has been for a bit, but it is now back on my blog.


J-LO is not as annoying as many most likely expected her to be.  She seems quite sweet and likable.

Steven Tyler is the man, even in his underage inappropriate ways.

Watch this if you want examples……

And Randy is Randy I guess.

Since I openly admit to watching this show, I have no problem talking and writing about it from time to time.  I consider myself a casual viewer.  It’s far from the end of the world if I miss an episode.

Usually I will have a laptop beside me.  When a singer does his or her thing, I might look up and see who it is.  I then look to my girlfriend; give a thumbs up or thumbs down, and then get back to reading whatever was holding my attention (better than that singer).

But every so often………..someone really grabs my attention.  Being a heterosexual, I find it odd to say that it is usually a dude who has the ability to captivate me……..not a pretty lady.

I did acquire two man crushes last night.  One was in the making since I first saw him, the other was acquired in a rather quicker fashion.  I will discuss him first.

Mancrush 1

His name is Paul McDonald.

I think this dude will go far in the competition.

I do not think he is as scrubby as his hair might make him out to be.

I also believe that he takes a lot of time to get his hair to look like that…..(just the opinion from a guy who thinks about hair on a fairly regular basis)

After he covered “Blackbird” by the Beatles, I said that he was my favorite……..

He is the first person on this video and sings two songs……check him out.  I think both songs are within the first minute.

I also think that he could have played himself in LOST, and he would have been a better “Charlie” than Dominic Monaghan (who never had the charisma that I feel that a character like “Charlie” should have had).

Mancrush 2

His Name is Chris Medina.

I always really liked this dude.

If you watch the show, you know that this guy is extremely admirable in his life story.

If you don’t know it and want to see his story, here is the video  (his audition is at the 2:30 mark if you just want to hear him sing):

Anyways……..this guy won me over before he even sang……….and then he fucking sung.

He was great…..just what I was looking for in a mancrush………a good voice, a great personality, and an admirable story.

He sang last night………check it out

When he finished that song, I said that “He is my new favorite……”

Then he was eliminated by the judges.

Fuck those asshole judges……..

J-LO……what a stuck up bitch, you are colder than Simon.

And you know what?  Simon would not have let him be eliminated.

And Randy……..dawg, you got no heart…… fucking heart dawg………

Steven, you are still the man.  You can do WHATEVER the fuck you want.  Relapse once a year for the rest of your life if you want to.  My opinion of you will NEVER change.


I still have Paul McDonald I guess…….but for right now Paul………you just can’t fill this Chris Medina void.

I will heal and mend over time though…… and then come again to embrace you once again in the coming weeks.

On a side note………I hope that wonderful things happen for Chris Medina, if anyone deserves such great things in life, it is him……

On a further side note…….. Hopefully I do not talk or write about any more mancrushes for a while, but if I do………… it will most likely be my vote for up and coming “A LIST movie star”, Bradley Cooper……..of course.

Mancrush 3

I mean…….can you honestly think of anyone who can wear an entirely black suit better than he does in “The Hangover”?

I can’t………

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now……………

  1. Jaimee says:

    Andy…I agree about the new judges, definitely better than I expected them to be. Chris Medina, definitely admirable…such a heartbreaking story. Kyle was pretty peeved about his being eliminated as well. He even threw out there his dramatic and slightly sarcastic “I’m done watching this show” line! I told him not to worry, he’ll do well. I actually feel like with the way JLo broke down they’ll try and find a way to bring him back. They’ll either add a 25th contestant or if someone has to leave for whatever emergency…he’ll be the replacement. I just think we’ll see him again. And Paul McDonald…LOVE him. Unique voice, unique style. It’s funny that you mentioned both LOST’s Charlie and Bradley Cooper, because last night I said “This guy reminds me of a cross between Bradley Cooper and Charlie.” My Charlie, however, is from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia…you ever watch it? Hilarious.

  2. Jaimee……….I can already see my future around 3 weeks from now:

    Each week since Chris Medina’s departure, I have slowly regained composure. I realize how good my other mancrush is…….. with each new performance by him. Each week for three consecutive weeks I enjoy his performances.

    I feel completely happy with Paul McDonald. I have moved on with my anger at Chris Medina being wrongfully not included in the top 24. I only refer to Chris Medina as “Chris” at this point, because his last name is forgotten three weeks later.

    At this rate; I think to myself, that within a year I will forget his first name. At that point, he will be referred to as “That guy on American Idol last season that I liked before Paul McDonald………”

    So I feel like I have successfully moved on from Chris Medina to Paul McDonald………

    Then, Chris Medina is brought back into the equation. He is an alternate. All my feelings come flooding back.

    I feel like Helen Hunt in Castaway, when she finds out that Tom Hanks survived the plane crash all those years ago.


    More likely I would feel like Tom Hanks; when he returns to the woman that he was supposed to marry, but he didn’t have a chance to, because he was in a plane crash over the ocean. Then he was stranded on a deserted island for years, where the only thing that gave him the strength to survive, and find a way off the island, was this woman. 7 or so years later, he finally gets off the island, and comes home to find out that his dentist started banging “his wife to be” after the plane crash, and this led to her starting hew own family with him………..instead of Tom Hanks.

    Fucking dentists man……….They can’t keep my crown in my mouth for more than 6 months, and they are always ruining the future plans for people like Tom Hanks.

    (I can’t say that this analogy accurately shows an equal comparison of how I would feel if Chris Medina somehow returned)


    It would be nice if he did come back on the show. People need to see a young adult like him on TV to look up to, as an example of how we should all strive to be in our generosity towards loved ones.

    Instead, people look up to Snookie on television. She makes A LOT more money than me, you, your husband, my girlfriend…..combined.

    Chris Medina, I wish we lived in a place where you were more marketable to the public than Snookie. Unfortunately we live in a pretty fucked up place, during a pretty fucked up time.

    I have little to do today, as you can see. I wrote about my lazy day, yesterday while I was being lazy. Here I am, doing the same thing today. It’s fucking raining out anyways……..


  3. Sarah E says:

    Thanks for the commentary on Idol. Strangely J Lo and Steven are so much better than I thought they would be. I especially liked J Lo’s crying fit halfway through the final elimination. It made her seem really human. Anyway, I had fun catching up on your posts, hope all is well!

    • Hey Sarah…….
      Hope all is well with you. I am glad you had fun catching up, because I sometimes wonder about the entertainment values provided by actually taking the time to read my crazy shit…..

      This season is the first time that I have cared about some of the contestants. The one who looks like Seth Rogan is pretty awesome too…..

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