The singularity

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Something worth sharing with you, Uncategorized

If we make it past 2012; and each year after that without a major catastrophic event setting us back 10,000 years,  then I believe that this man will be remembered as a pioneer in his predictions of what is to come of human civilization or our way of life in the future.

This first video is of Ray Kurzweil in 1965:

This is him at some point in recent years on his thoughts of our possible “singularity”:

It makes sense to me…….computers and machines making better computers and machines will take us to some place that we are unable to comprehend, thus the singularity……

I am not sure if this is good or bad for our future. I feel that it already is not looking too good for all of us (without accounting for what this will do to our species).  So in that sense, I feel that it can only help us in excelling mankind to some new place, or a way of life that is better than what we have now.

Some day in the future, smart phones will be ancient antiques because the mind will be capable of uploading any data automatically from a super computer which can communicate using wireless brain wave transmissions.  This future is coming whether we like it or not.  Someday I will be the grumpy old man who is complaining each day about how everyone is too busy to talk, because they are playing their games, texting, or updating their homepage-status……..inside their heads.

Anti social behaviors; which I am already extremely not fond of in the present due to smart phones, will get MUCH WORSE……..

I will be that grumpy old man who is complaining, because everyone around me at a social gathering is too preoccupied with the wireless brain wave transmissions that they are receiving or sending out.  They barely have a reason to be in the social gathering, if that is how they plan on spending a good portion of their time while barely being physically present.  Fuck that shit……….hard.

This is something else Andrew Michaels is doing now…….


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