Ancient Aliens

Posted: January 21, 2011 in ALL ABOUT ME, Things that get me thinking
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I must admit that I really do enjoy watching the television show “Ancient Aliens”.

Think about this question:

“Did God come from Earth?”

The obvious answer is universally accepted as “No, God is not from Earth”.  This would mean that God comes from somwhere other than Earth; and would be considered an alien, based on our definition of the word:

“A creature from outer space”

So lets say that the thing in which we call God, was actually a visitor from somewhere else in the universe (or outside of the universe?).  This individual would be a really extraordinary living being.   It would be capable of traveling incomprehensible distances through space.  It would look extremely superior to the people thousands of years ago who chose to write down a story in which they had an experience with what they can only assume is their “God” or a “Creator”.

These stories could be what make up the Old Testament, or any other ancient text involving any form of a God.  All those stories could actually be the best interpretation of visits from aliens. These visits led to knowledge being passed down, showing us how we should live.

I feel that God does indeed exist, except I have no way of being able to describe something in which I have never personally experienced or met myself.  I cannot let anyone’s interpretation of what God is fill my mind, I leave it open for personal interpretation if I ever get the chance to meet this superior being.

I believe that whatever God is and if it is still around, it is most likely not too happy with the overall state of mankind.  We are doing a lot of the things that were told we are not to do.  We are human, we are imperfect.  We are supposed to live in an imperfect world in order to see how we choose to live our lives in that imperfect world.

I guess I have become less religious in the way I once was.  I was not the church going type, but for a large portion of my life I based many decisions on the idea that one day I was to be judged by God upon my death.

I haven’t really worried about being judged anymore.  I try my best to be good to those around me.  I hope to have a more positive impact on this planet than a negative impact.  Every now and then I will be a negative impacting individual, but I always feel that my positive impacts will hopefully out weigh my negatives.  On top of this, I always feel bad if I am a negative impacting individual.  This is how I rationalize that I will get into the afterlife or heaven if it exists, without being religious in the way most religious people seem to think that it is required to enter such a place.

Even if I was actually visited by God and I was told that there is no afterlife, I feel I would still live the way I live now.  I feel that we are part of something much larger and incomprehensible in scale.  We cannot just be here by chance. Something had to allow for the conditions; which allowed us to be here, to even be conditional in the first place.  So something allowed us to live; because of the conditions which were allowed to naturally be present in the universe.

We are definitely here for a reason.  We just might not ever be able to comprehend why we are here, or the reason might make us feel a hell of a lot less significant in the grand picture.  Either way I would want to know, even if it meant me realizing that we are far from important in the realm of things.  I only hope that one day I will experience something that explains this to me.

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing on a Friday night………..

  1. joe says:

    I’ve seen this documentary series and loved it, it made so much sense to me – someone who’s been bashing his head against a wall trying to figure this stuff out since a very young age. I was raised going to church and was very zealous about my beliefs until one day I woke up to reality. There’s still a lot of unanswered questions but even though I cannot say I ever met an alien, I still feel it’s a more likely scenario.

  2. Joe, I started to write a reply and then it started to get way too long….. It will become my next blog post instead. It will be up shortly.

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