Posted: January 7, 2011 in Something worth sharing with you, Uncategorized
  1. Joe says:

    We’ll one day be linked together via a chip in our head and be a giant networked organism, and instantly set about building space craft and send ships across the galaxy to populate other worlds, it’s the way nature works, and it’s the only way we’re getting off this planet.

  2. You know, as crazy as what you said sounds……..I must concur. I feel that the only way we will experience the next evolutionary step in humanity is if we manipulate it to happen. We would probably kill our whole population before we would ever experience this evolutionary step naturally. But what if this manipulation is the ultimate cause for our death?

    Other stars are far away, too far for us to probably comprehend.

    Wormholes……..we have to get on track with those things. It would suck to conventionally travel to Alpha Centuri only to find out that it is like one of those awful parties that you are just waiting for an excuse to leave. Wormhole travel will make the party not seem so bad seeing as it was instantaneous travel.

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