You have to of played these games to find these videos funny…..

Posted: September 25, 2010 in Something worth sharing with you, Uncategorized

These guys have made me laugh as I recover from my cold on a Saturday.  You will probably only find them funny if you have played the games though, otherwise they will just be look like a bunch of idiots….

Super Mario Bros 2

Assassins Creed

Castlevania 2

Resident Evil 4 (My favorite….)

Ghosts and Goblins (Ever met someone who beat this game?)

Their page on Youtube has many others, kudos to these guys…..

Moving on,,,,,,,

My page has been getting a decent amount of traffic, especially since I have not been writing much.  It all has to do with random people searching for random things on google and yahoo, and then they find my site as a result.  Many people seem to be interested in seeing underwater rocks……..almost as much as male ass.

Here is the list of terms used in the past month which resulted in someone coming to my site:

Some of those terms I must say are pretty awesome…

This is What Andrew Michaels is Doing Now……

  1. Drew says:

    Great search terms, haha! Looks like you have a big gay following!

    Also, I may be wrong, but I’m fairly certain I’ve beaten Ghosts n. Goblins. So there…now you know someone.

  2. If I ever get the arcade up and running again, I will put money on you being unable to beat it, within 3 days of trials at my house. I will bet you 20 dollars that you can’t do it.

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