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Posted: September 9, 2010 in ALL ABOUT ME
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Exercising sucks when the goal is to get “back into shape”.  Although being in shape and exercising is a pretty pimp feeling.  Why do we call it “get back into shape”?  Regardless of why it is called what it is, I have been going 6 weeks straight towards this goal.  I have made my regiment quite simple this time in order to attain the goal of getting back in shape.  One of the problems I have always dealt with, in regards to getting back into shape, is the eventual plateaus.  There are multiple plateaus that can occur to possibly fuck with your intentions of getting back into shape.  I originally had more than 2 plateaus on my mind to mention, but I type too much to want to express more than 2.

Possible plateaus:

The exercise-adaptability plateau (the workout or exercises you perform no longer are as effective in their results).  Like when running no longer seems to help lose weight.

One would say

“Well then, use the bike or use the elliptical”,

my response is that

“I don’t want to do an exercise that makes me bored, or makes me feel gay.”

I have nothing against anything related to someone being gay, in fact I am good friends with quite a few people who are.

I just feel more flamboyant than I naturally feel as a heterosexual, while I am using a machine that makes me feel like I am running in the clouds.  Running is suppossed to feel like you are in direct contact with the ground.  I have no reason to rationally explain to you why I feel flamboyant when that direct contact with the ground is removed via the elliptical machine, but it does.

I feel out of place on an elliptical.  I also feel out of place on the dance floor.  I require my girlfriend’s hips, for me to lightly grab a hold of in order to have some sense of direction for my body to move in relation to.  I never start a dance off.  I do kind of wish I could be effective in a dance off at some point in my life though.

Not like

“I dance like Justin Timberlake,  if he is ever approached with battling intentions by someone else on the dance floor in some flashy club.”

And more like

“I make it a joke, have fun with it, and have some goofy BUT extremely effective dance moves, which always wins over the crowd surrounding me during this dance off.”

Ed Helm’s character, Andrew Bernard on “The Office” is the perfect dancer in my eyes.  He is someone who can dance goofy, but not look like an idiot.  I believe this to be a harder feat to succeed in than it looks to be, and I am quite envious of his moves with a chair.

Within his goofiness, there is indeed a rhythmic ability, and some stylish effective dance moves.  He doesn’t take it serious, he has fun as he dances like a goof (like most of us unfortunately do), but he actually has good moves too. I aspire to this level of dancing ability.

I forgot that writing about exercise plateaus…….

The next plateau is:

The boredom plateau Yeah, exercise can get pretty fucking boring, especially if you have a playlist that gets boring.  I should never get bored of my playlist.  I have over 200 gigs of music, but finding songs that are effective for an exercise playlist is not easy for me.

I have gone through so many songs that I find trouble finding music that I like AND enjoy exercising to.  Songs lose there luster after a while, and the fire burns out within your workout because of this.  Because of this abuse to music, resulting in my lack of interest in running one more step to ANY of the Rocky songs, I have had to find very random shit that gets me interested in my daily run.

I think that many people would find my playlist quite funny so I have decided to share with you the songs that currently get me through my workouts.  These are the songs that I listen to during the actually run.  They are what they are, some might take a little to get to the point of the songs that I enjoy.

The two examples of this are:

Shiny Toy Guns:  This chick can sing, it takes a bit to get to when she lets loose, give it a minute to get going….

Daft Punk: The beat gets at a level that I enjoy around the 40 second mark

These songs I enjoy throughout the whole song:

Lady Gaga: (YUP)  This chick fucking rocks, I admit it

Michael Jackson: (YUP) Yeah…….I don’t know why, but it works.

50 Cent: (7 years ago called, I know……….)

Mika: (YUP)  Kind of like the same reasoning with Michael Jackson, I don’t know….

Bone Thugs:  Out of all the bad-ass songs this group has, I choose to run to “Crossroads”

Chris Brown: I thought it sounded good long before the viral wedding video, or “The office” parody of it, but I do admit that it helped me like the song more.  Plus, the dude beats up chicks that he dates.

I like to listen to a calmer song during my warm-up or cool-down:

Rusted Root: Currently I enjoy listening to this song, it is quite beautiful.

I hope that at least one of these songs is taken by someone else who reads this, and adds it to their own exercise playlist.

So this running is going well so far, I don’t over do it to try to get into shape quickly like I have in the past.  I always end up crashing due to trying too much too soon.  Each week I move up .20 miles per hour.  I have never taken it this slow and it actually feels good.  I feel like it will be easy to be successful this way, as long as Lady Gaga keeps me moving.

You should now find it funny if you ever see me exercising, because there is a good chance that either Mika, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, or MJ is helping me get though my workout.  I am just the type of guy that doesn’t give a fuck in letting you know.

I embrace my playlist, until I don’t…….

This is what Andrew Michaels is doing now……….

  1. jen says:

    Scary how much we like the same music…

  2. Drew says:

    You listed artists, not songs, dum-dum.

  3. Bildo says:

    Funny commentary. I enjoyed the musical samplings; they made me feel like I was running with you….in a non-gay way of course.

    • thanks man, I was wondering if you felt like writing about some of your stories you told me during my birthday. All out balls to the walls no holding back details, explaining what you saw and experienced, I think it will make for a great read, what do you think???

      • Bildo says:

        I don’t know…I like telling people to their faces so that I get their reaction…plus there are always new and better stories….my last week topper was a self inflicted gun shot wound to the head….dude was an organ donor….got to sit through entire organ procurement procedure….

  4. pete says:

    I demand a montage video with this lineup and sweatbands. Thank you for the Daft Punk.

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