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Posted: September 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

When someone uses a search engine to find some information on something and they then click on my web page, I will be able to see what they typed into the search engine to come to my site.  Most of the time they are not looking for my site, but it just so happens that I have at one time or another over the past 8 months talked about the topic that they are trying to find information on.

Over the life of my blog the terms “underwater rocks”, “Stephen Hawking”, “robot unicorn attack”, and “Andrew Michaels” have all been used to find my site.

In the last month though, the most common searched term I have seen that people have typed into a search engine to then come to my site, has been “WHY DOES MY ASSHOLE HURT”.  This makes me feel less crazy, since other people have similar sensations from time to time. Check out my posting on this topic if you have not yet……

Why does my ass hurt?

Here is a screen shot to show you what I saw today……

UPDATE (9/03/10):

Today I checked the search engine terms, and this is what I found………

UPDATE (9/06/10):

OK, this is really out of control.  Below you will see the list of search terms used to stumble upon my website from the last 30 days:

Just on a side note, you might find some of the other terms that are used amusing as well……

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