It’s all about me…..always hasn’t been, always wont be: PART 2

Posted: June 26, 2010 in ALL ABOUT ME

Last night was a good night for many reasons.  Good times, good people, AND good ideas.  There are many things that need to be addressed and explained in my post today.



The best part of my actual job, is not the pay, it is not what I do when I am working, it is not the pension, it is not the benefits, it is not who I work with.  The best part of my job is the fact that I do not need to go to my job for another 2 months, and I have the freedom to dick around for the next 9 weeks.  PERIOD.  There is NO better perk to my career, than what I just explained, at least to me.  There are “others” who get satisfaction on many different levels sharing the same career I have, and that is fine, I don’t judge what gets other people off, its just not the same thing that gives me my main satisfaction of my job.

Its funny that when I am describing the best part of my job to someone else, I always say “The best part of my job is when I don’t have to be at it….”.  This is the most true statement I have ever said in regards to my outlook on my career.  Do I sound like a dick? I am not sure, but please let me know, because I have 2 months ahead of me with no job to have to go to 5 days a week and NOTHING on my schedule all summer long, so I could use something to do, like read how pissed off you are, that you are working for the next 2 months and I am not……


Its 9:30 a.m. and I just brought my girlfriend a glass of ice water.  She was laying downstairs in the basement, for many reasons:

  • because she woke up early from the sun shining in the bedroom
  • because our bedroom was warm
  • because the air conditioner was turned off, due to the door being open last night, and I choose to turn off the air conditioner (which can be done from bed) instead of getting out of bed and closing the door…..
  • she’s probably slightly hungover from the good times and good people of last night, so darkness is her friend and  she has formed an alliance with it, in order to help recuperate
  • and not to mention the fact that I am sure that I snore loudly, after a night of good times…..

So I go downstairs and she is now awake, and on the computer.  I give her the water and she mumbles something regarding Burger King.  Burger King does not serve lunch until 11 A.M, so I let her know that she is shit out of luck for another hour and 33 minutes.  She understands this concept very well, because Burger King has been her hangover cure for at least a few centuries.

Our conversation comes to a close, and I decide to leave her to come back upstairs to write a bit more (which ends up being a lot more).  As I am walking up the stairs (after the conversation has already concluded) she starts off a new conversation with me, by saying:

“Oh, never-mind…….”

I have issues with this statement for many reasons.

  • First, usually when you are engaged in an adult conversation with another adult, you will first say something to the other adult, AND THEN you would say “Oh, never-mind…..”.  Under a normal conversation with an adult, you should NOT start off the conversation with “Oh, never-mind…..”
  • Second, I have NO IDEA what I should NOT be minding, since I was never told what to mind yet, as this is the start of our new conversation.

So I was standing at the top of the stairs, and I am looking down to the basement in silence.  I do not know how to respond to such a statement that I apparently have issues with.

My only response is “WHAT?………………WHAT?“, because I sure as hell am not going to respond by asking her what I should be “neverminding about”, since I have not been given sufficient data from her yet in regards to what I should be “neverminding”.  She then proceeds to say:

“NOTHING, I just wanted you to look at something”.

I have issues with THIS statement as well, for many reasons.

  • First, usually when you are engaged in an adult conversation, when you say the word “nothing”, you mean…………….. “NOTHING”.

Like for example:

Some dude asks….

“What are you required to do for your job this summer? “



Now when I said “nothing” right there, I meant EXACTLY what I said.  When my girlfriend starts off a sentence with “Nothing…….”  it is almost ALWAYS guaranteed to be followed by some statement, which is obviously not “Nothing”…….This just does not make sense to me.

Here is an example of this skewed use of the word “Nothing”:

Some dude asks…..

“What are you required to do for your job this summer?”


“Nothing…….I just have to go to it, and work 5 days a week, and wake up early, and be pissed off that I have to have a job”

BACK TO THE WRITER’S STRESS……I only enjoy writing when “it flows” or when I am in this stress zone.  Last night when I was among three friends, and my girlfriend, I think I came up with at least 4 different blog posts for the future, AND……… I came up with my million dollar idea, which is a book that I will be pursuing and writing for the next 5 years at least.  There is much to be explained regarding this, and initially this book idea was supposed to be the premise of today’s blog post……15 paragraphs later, I get to what was the reason I started to write this morning, which is my book I that I will be pursuing.  This book should not be confused with my first book, this will be my second book.  And I must explain the concept of the first book before I can explain my second book.

I started toying with the idea of writing when I was about 27.  Before that, I never really considered it.  When my girlfriend bought me a nice journal I started to write short, quick snippets of things which I felt would be entertaining.  Although a lot of the things I wrote were intended to be humorous, I intended this book to be considered an “Entertaining book, which happened to be very funny as well”.  I had the idea to have all different types of reading material.  Some stories would be just crazy experiences of myself or my friends, which should be shared.  Some stories would be pure comedic in nature.  Some stories would be events of sorrow.  I have one chapter dedicated to nothing but funny quotes which should be shared with the world, rather than to be forgotten over the years, because we just go on and live our lives.

My actual goal for my first book was to write 30- 50 random, entertaining stories, which would be perfect to pick up and read while you were taking a shit in the bathroom.  I dreamed big and thought that if this book ever became published, I would need to have a website, which would show the daily life of an ordinary guy, who made it big with a published book.  It would show you what Andrew Michaels is doing now that he is rich and can go anywhere and do anything…..within reason obviously.   That is where I came up with the title of the website.  The initial point of this website was to show my daily or weekly life, when I have the opportunity to do what I want, AND I don’t need to be worried about having a fucking job anymore.  So I dreamed big and started this website back in December (well before my first book was even remotely being close to being done).

A lot of material that I have written in that book has not been used on my website, but I must say that this website basically became the book that I initially started to write.  The concept, the randomness, the funny stories, the things I feel like sharing, the sad stories, are all concepts within the realm of what I wanted to do with my initial book.

This website should actually be called “What’s Andrew Michaels Thinking Now”, but it isn’t because when I started it up, the initial plan, was for you to see what an ordinary dude was doing now that he had money and did not need to have a fucking job.

But I finally have my big million dollar idea in life, in regards to writing.  I have finally found a fucking plot, to a real story, that I feel many people will genuinely want to read.  Everything will be true which is written in this book.  Many of the things that will be read will be eye openers to average folk like myself.  Everyone’s names in my book will have to be anonymous for security purposes.  And I expect to be writing this for a LONG TIME.  My real goal is to have 2000 pages written, and take the best 400 pages for my story.  That sounds like a lot to write, but the material to which I will be writing is ENDLESS in nature.  And those other 1600 pages could always be used for other books, if the first one works out.

This is What Andrew Michaels is Doing Now……..


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