My superficial, fake, temporary relationship with the penguins……

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

I don’t think that I will ever develop a good relationship with the penguins.  Granted, I could try to live among them, and if I had a rather large abundance of small fish, I can only assume that i could develop a superficial fake relationship, which would only temporarily satisfy both myself and the penguins.

I would be the center of attention to these penguins, as I threw food to them as if I was a leader who they could always depend on, and always look to for food.  The penguins would make affectionate sqwaking  and chirping noises at me, because that’s the way I would describe the noise they make towards me, in times of penguin enjoyment and indulgence.  This can be best described as the penguins purr.

But eventually the small fish stock that I had, would lose its stock, and would soon become nonexistent.  My superficial fake relationship with the penguins would become nonexistent as well at this point.  As soon as I lose my magical appeal to the penguins as the “Guy who feeds us a ridiculous amount of small fish”, they will leave me and give attention to whatever provides them with the small fish in which I am lacking.  This most likely means that the penguins will give their full attention to the ocean again, instead of me.  This rubs me up sideways, I hate that the penguins now give a body of water the attention they once so affectionately gave to me.

Fuck you penguins…….I gave you a shit load of fish, and I even pushed you on the swing set ALL FUCKING DAY, and you didn’t even say “Thank you” once, but I am ok with that, I truly am.  I totally understand that while I was feeding you, and giving you all the attention in the world, that you truly were happy with our relationship.  I know its due to the fact that you have a rather small brain, that you don’t understand what we truly had going……….. for a while.

What fucking bothers the shit out of me, is since I have run out of stock of small fish, you have never once come back to hang out with me……not even to say “hi”.  I am not expecting much,  just to shoot the shit with you for a while, and reminisce on the good times we once had………..

It’s as if you truly don’t even remember me.

Fuck you penguins, I will find a species that WILL remember me, EVEN after the food runs out.  Maybe ostriches………maybe ostriches.  (I seem to have a thing for non-flight birds for some reason, because as I was writing this, I was trying to think of another species to move on to after the penguins, and out of the millions of species I instantly picked ostriches.)

I think that the ostriches might have even smaller brains then penguins, so I am unsure if I am just headed for another heartbreak.   On top of this, it might be very difficult to live among such a speedy, high endurance species, because I have become a slow piece of shit over the years.

Only time will tell, in regards to me having a relationship with a wild species, which is unconditional for both parties, and worth sharing with the world……..

This is What Andrew Michaels is doing now……..

  1. ptech says:

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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