The days of the typical week, the days of the 8 day week, and the days of the Rich person’s week…..

Posted: June 15, 2010 in ALL ABOUT ME
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It’s time I express to you all what has been going on in my head, in regards to the days of the god damn week.  Being an almost normal Monday thru Friday worker, I have developed the following graph which expresses how I feel my outlook of a typical week looks.

  • Sundays are “Pretty Pimp” in that I don’t have to work, but it’s not “Very Pimp” because I have a Monday creeping up on me.
  • Mondays absolutely “BLOW”, this should be universally understood, and needs no further explanation……..
  • Tuesdays don’t absolutely “BLOW”, but they certainly still slightly “BLOW”
  • It’s not until Wednesdays that I start to feel ok with the fact that “I need to have a job”……so everything is “Meh”, because “I have to have a job”, but at the same time, I have a rewarding weekend creeping up upon me.
  • Thursdays I rate as “Pretty Pimp” since the weekend is practically upon me.  It should be noted that a day such as Thursday (when I have to work), is rated in the same class as a Sunday (which I do not have to work).  This is because anticipation for the weekend is a MUCH BETTER feeling, than the feeling of dreading the work week ahead of me.
  • Obviously Fridays and Saturdays are “VERY PIMP”, this should be universally understood, and needs no further explanation……..


Below, you will see what I would immediately implicate, if enough people for one reason or another, decide that I should run things in this country….

The 8 day week:

Give me ONE good reason why having 8 days a week would be a bad thing.  By looking at the graph above, it is obvious that having 8 days a week will allow for a much better outlook on the week ahead for me.

  • Mondays wouldn’t “Blow” as much, since you always have a 3 day weekend instead of a two day weekend.
  • Tuesdays would practically be “pretty pimp” for this very same reason as Monday.
  • Wednesdays would be “pretty pimp” since you are practically at your typical 3 day weekend
  • Thursdays would now be practically “very pimp” since you are only one day away from this typical 3 day weekend even though you have to work
  • FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS, AND FUNDAYS would all be “VERY PIMP” this should be universally understood, and needs no further explanation……..

FUNDAY needs to be exactly where it is in the 8 day week for a few reasons:

  1. It rhymes very closely with Sunday, so you can say them, or sing them together, when you are saying or singing the days of the week.
  2. More importantly FUNDAY, CANNOT be in the place of the bittersweet position that Sunday is currently in.  I am sure that everyone who works Monday thru Friday, will agree that Sunday, although awesome in the fact that you do not have to work that day, is also kind of a buzz kill, seeing as you have not much to look forward to, other than Monday.  Given its name of Funday, it MUST be before Sunday, and not after it.

MOVING ON……………………………

The only reason why I have my first graph at the top of this page (which shows MY OUTLOOK ON A TYPICAL WEEK), is because I am NOT RICH.  If I was rich, or I ever somehow miraculously became rich, the graph below would be my new outlook on the week:

It would be “VERY PIMP” if I was rich, and I would never know what day of the week it was, because honestly, who gives a fuck about what day of the week it is when you are rich?  EVERYDAY WOULD BE FUNDAY…..Since everyday would be Funday, I would probably forget about the average folk like myself, and I would drop the whole idea for the 8 days a week thing, because when everyday is Funday, why the fuck would I care how many days there are in a week?  That’s only a fantasy for the pathetic working folk…….

On top of this, I would hire a good friend, and pay him a six figure salary, just so he could deal with all of the days of the week for me.  And even though he would have to worry about what day of the week it was for me, I think it would be safe to say that he would consider his life “VERY PIMP” everyday as well, as seen in the final graph below:

Everyday will be “VERY PIMP” for him, because when your sole responsibility for your six figure job, is to tell me when I have something important coming up, you have the most “VERY PIMP” job possible, except for if your job, was to be rich like me.  This final graph also shows that it is possible to have a job, have no day of the week that you call Funday, yet your life on a daily basis is still “VERY PIMP”

If anyone wants to make me rich, I would do a great fucking job at it, just give me a chance to prove it………

This is What Andrew Michaels is Doing Now……..

  1. Lauren says:

    This is better (or “very pimp”) compared to the hand written version, that I remembered. Im sure others will agree on its “pimpness”, as well. Glad you decided to share your thoughts with us. The ideas in your brain always make me laugh, think, then laugh again.

    • Thanks dude! I am glad that my humor comes across as thoughtful as well, it makes me feel like I might actually be insightful and thought provoking……two great analogies to have in life.

  2. Bildo says:

    Funny Shit!…again, great use of charts….If everyday were funday, would they still be as fun? This latches on to the “you can’t really now happiness unless you have sadness, etc, etc” notion.

    • Bildo, I am willing to find out whether or not everyday will still be as fun, if everyday was Funday, compared to everyday not being Funday …..Worst case scenario is that they turn out to be not as fun as expected, but I would still be rich…….so…….I think I could deal with the possibility of Funday losing some of its luster.

  3. jencarlone says:

    Thanks – now I have that Bangles song stuck in my head… “that’s my funday! woah woah..And I don’t have to run day…”

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