“The Good Boy”

Posted: June 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Push Play

I have many memories of Molson that I will keep with me for the rest of my life.  Although I am feeling sadness at the moment, I know that the main emotion I will feel when I think of him throughout my life in the future is happiness.  I couldn’t have asked for a better dog than Molson. I think that Kerri and I have called him “The good boy”, just as much as we called him Molson.

A few months ago I brought Molson over my friend Andrew’s house.  I always enjoyed bringing Molson over there.  Andrew has a big, fenced in, backyard.  He also has a female yellow lab named Marley, who he loved to spend time with.  This visit a few months ago was special, because not only was Marley at the house, but her mother Lilly, and another one of Lilly’s pups (who was also a fully grown male black lab) named Blaze was at the house as well.

So we had

  • Molson a male
  • Marley a female
  • Lilly a female
  • Blaze a male

The day started out normal with the four of them running around in the backyard having a great time, but the entertainment did not happen until we brought them all inside.

Molson had his choice of two female yellow labs to hump, but for some strange reason, the only dog he was intersted in humping was the big black male dog.  On top of this, Molson has been fixed for many years, so the humping would not result in any hopeful outcomes, he might have been hoping for.

Looking back now I think the main reason Molson was trying to hump Blaze, was because of what Blaze was doing to Molson.  Blaze could care less about the two female yellow labs as well.  Blaze’s main activity was going straight for Molson’s unit.  You could not get Blaze’s face away from poor Molson’s unit.  Molson had no problem with this male on male action that was taking place, except ofcourse for when Blaze actually bit Molson’s unit slightly, causing a loud “Yelp!”.

Lilly was not interested in Blaze or Marley, for she was 100 percent interested in Molson’s butt.  Lilly could not for the life of her, stop sticking her nose right in Molson’s butt.  The best part about this was, that while she was doing this, she was dry humping absolutely nothing but the air in front of her groin.  It should be noted that Lilly does not have a unit, which made the idea of her humping air, as if she did have a unit, quite hilarious.

Marley choose not to get in on the action for some reason and just watched, just like myself and Andrew did.

Here is some cliff notes of the commentary that took place during this epic scene….(It seemed like we were constantly yelling one of these quotes, at one of the three dogs at any given moment…..)

“Blaze, get out of there, stop going after Molson’s unit!”

“God dammit Molson, stop grabbing on and humping Blaze, not only is he a male, but you are fixed and can’t even do what you are trying to do…..”

“Lilly, get your nose out of Molson’s butt, and what the fuck are you dry humping the air for?”

“Molson, stop it, leave Blaze alone!”

“Look at that……I think Blaze is trying to put Molson’s unit in his mouth…….”

“Holy shit, Molson just screamed because Blaze actually bit his fucking unit, did you see that!?!?”

“Look at Marley just laying there, she couldn’t give two shits about this crazy dog orgy that we are witnessing”

“Lilly, you really like to pretend like you have a unit, and you sure as hell like Molson’s butthole….”

“Molson, why the fuck are you trying to fuck the only one that does not have a dog vagina?”

“Blaze didn’t you learn from Molson’s scream a few minutes ago,that he doesn’t want you going after his unit?”

“Marley, are you finding this as funny as we are?”

(On and on this went for what felt like 20 minutes straight……)

Molson, I am going to miss you so fucking much, and I know Kerri is going to miss you equally as much.  I always loved you, but once Kerri came into my life, she made me realize even more, how awesome of a dog you were.  I loved you even more because of her.  Thank you for that Freckles.

Rest in Peace Good Boy, I know that we will see each other again someday……..

  1. Bildo says:

    Dude that sucks…Molson was a sweet dog. Sorry for your sadness.

    • Thanks Bill, it means a lot. What really sucks is how I subconsciously expect him to still be here. When I came home from the hospital without him, I opened the door of my house slowly “so I wouldn’t startle Molson, and he would start to bark from the noise of the door” or how I go downstairs and I expect him to follow me, and hang out on the floor while I go on the computer, and he is just not there anymore. It will take some serious getting used to, he seemed like a friend that was always with me, regardless of where I was in my house, he just wanted to follow me or Kerri and hang out in the same room. I know that everything gets better with time.

  2. Jaimee says:

    Andy, I was very sorry to read about your loss. The picture is adorable, what a cutie. The memory that you shared was certainly a funny one 🙂 By the sounds of it, I’m sure you guys have a million more Molson moments to hold onto. Celebrate his life!

  3. Thanks Jaimee, Molson was rescued from an alley in Providence back in 1998, and I believe your brother was among the group of guys who took him home. He was moved around a bit for his first few months, and ended up at my brother’s frat house under ownership of my brother. My mother took control of Molson, when she saw that he wasn’t the healthiest of pups, due to frat house shenanigans. Lots of situations had to happen for him to eventually end up being my dog, and I am very grateful for each and every one of those situations that occurred.

  4. Lauren says:

    Im so sorry to hear about molson. I honestly did not even see this posting until today and feel just awful to hear such sad news. You and kerri were good to him and he loved you guys. My thoughts are with you both.

    • Hey Miss G thang……..thanks so much for the kind words. Its so quiet and empty feeling these days when I come home from work. I save the crust from the pizza, and then realize that he is not here anymore to eat the crust from me. Just gonna take some getting used to. I am doing ok, Kerri is having a rougher time than me, and she was very happy with you emailing her, it meant a whole lot to her. Thanks again, Hope to see you soon!

  5. Kate Sparks says:

    Hey Andy, I’m so sorry to hear about Molson. He was an awesome dog!

  6. Swigs says:

    Hey Andy,

    I think that it is amazing that you can write such a funny and touching story after this has happened. Of course I am just reading this today (catching up on all your blogs) but I have been thinking about you and Kerri since you told me last weekend. Losing a pet ( member of the family in my eyes) is the worst, and the tears are spilling down my face now for you, Kerri, and Molson. He will always be in your heart and I know that there is nothing that I can say to make you feel better but if there was I would. Sending you both big hugs!

    • Hey Swig, thanks for the kind words…..Sometimes people who do not own a dog, have no clue how much a part of the family a dog actually is. Anyways, I am doing well, the first week was tough and he was always on my mind, but it has gotten easier to enjoy things again. Hope to see you over the summer!

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