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Posted: May 12, 2010 in ALL ABOUT ME

I am sitting on my couch while I watch the television, AND while I read stuff as I browse the web on my girlfriend’s laptop.  I must first confess to you that what I just wrote, is not entirely true.

Actually, I am browsing the web with about 90 percent, if not 95 percent of my attention.  The MAIN form of my entertainment during this time is the reading which I am doing on the internet.  I like to read a few forums on different topics such as movies, poker, television, and home theater stuff.

So the television is on, and the main purpose for it is to have some background noise, and something to occasionally look up at, so the television show that I have on while I read is not necessarily important…….within reason.  It needs to be mildly entertaining, but cannot in anyway be overstimulating.

Since I am more or less reading stuff on the internet, I DO NOT want to have anything on TV which will distract my internet reading, due to over-stimulation.

This means television shows which I find intriguing will not be watched:

  • Because then I will just want to pause it, to watch later after I finish reading whatever the fuck I am reading.  This is counter productive to my reasoning for having the television on in the first place, because if I was just pausing the TV, it would be pointless to even have it powered on since it is just a paused screen.

The television show cannot contain anything which I find annoying either.

  • Annoying characters, actors, or actresses  ALL have the uncanny ability to get into my head, while I am trying to read.  This makes reading pretty fucking difficult for me.  This reminds me of a time in high school English class, a girl kept talking while I was trying to read what we had been assigned to read.  We had time to read most or all of the assignment in class, or we could take it home to do.  I DO NOT LIKE TO EVER have to take schoolwork or work-work home with me, if the option is there for me to not have to take it home.

So yes, I was the good student who was pissed off that:

I couldn’t get my reading work done,

because this girl’s voice went right in my fucking head,

while I was at a place that I really didn’t want to be in the first place,

but as long as I was stuck there,

I mind as well get done what was required of me to get done,

which will help me get good grades,

all while I have the opportunity


Fuck, I would have never thought that annoying characters, actors, or actresses on television shows, could have such an affect on my reading ability, to the point that it made my mind have a flashback, to a person that I experienced in life (over ten years ago), who had the same attention wreaking ability on me.

Some people might say to me that:

“Well you were too good of a student,  you shouldn’t have done the work in school, AND you shouldn’t have done the work at home either, and “just winged it” the next day in class….”

I would probably counter respond with :

High school was NOT that fucking difficult to do well in,

it only took a little effort put fourth to ensure that you get decent grades,

and if you did not have the energy to put that little effort into your life,

while you were stuck at school anyways,

your body is not made up of 70 percent water,

your body is made up of 70 percent shit.

So even if you take the biggest shit of your life………your body is still filled up 70 percent, with pure shit.

So you would definitely be a really really big piece of shit.

To get back on track to what the point of today’s blog post is, I have decided to create a graph, which visually explains to you what I was talking about, in regards to my ability to read, based on what type of television show is on in the background as I read:

I hope this helps.

This is What Andrew Michaels is Doing Now……….

  1. Bildo says:

    Reading this it’s like you stole my thoughts….great use of a chart…obviously you were above the “full of shit” threshold in high school.

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