Posted: April 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have always loved this song since the first time I heard it.  I first heard this song in the commercial below.  I have also loved the commercial since I first saw it as well.  I guess I am just a big pussy, and oh fucking well, I am dealing with this issue on a day to day basis, and I will update you in the future, if I ever resolve my issues.

Incidentally, if you push play on this you tube video, and then you just listen to the song while reading the post below regarding man hugs, the man hug post becomes even sappier.

  1. Swigs says:

    It’s your “happy song”! Everyone is allowed to have a happy song without being labeled a pussy. My happy song is “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes”. Bouncy balls unite!

    • Swigs! I love it when I get surprise comments on my blog! You made my night! I used to go out and get shitfaced in providence on a Friday night. Now on Friday’s, I hang out in my house, and push refresh on my blog until I have a new comment! Fuck yes, I have fulfillment on an cyberspace level! Hope all is well! Are you having your annual party?

  2. Swigs says:

    I’m so happy that I could make your Firday night! Of course what does that say about me that I’m using my Firday night to catch up on reading your blog which I have been so far behind on lately. I don’t know how you write so much! Of course we are having our party! Hope to see you both there!

  3. Swigs says:

    And I guess I can’t spell Friday anymore either!

    • I have never considered the thought of calling “Friday”,…. “Firday” instead, until right now…………So at NO POINT ever, in my 29 years of existence, have I considered calling “Friday”, “Firday”……..until right now. I must say that I like the sound of this finger slipping error spelling, of the word Friday. I think that there is some humor that could, and can be established with this new term for Friday.

      It would be so trendy and cool, to talk about things in life, while saying “Firday”…….

      Like this example of me talking to someone, about me being pumped up that the weekend is upon us:

      “Hey man, it’s fucking FIRDAY!! Are you pumped for the weekend, like this muthafuckah is?” (Thumbs pointing up at myself while I say this)

      I feel that this could work, with some thought and effort. But I am putting this in your court Swig. I will not pursue this, for this is yours to pursue. I would just forget to pursue it anyways…….so I mind as well offer it to you to pursue.

      Good luck, with your new saying to pursue of “Firday”, for I hope you win some form of appreciation of the trendiness you established in something which is VERY most hip.

  4. Swigs says:

    We really could be on to something with this! However we must be mindful of those crazy animal right’s groups that they don’t think we are saying “Furday” because they might throw red paint on us!

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