“The Extreme Man Hug”

Posted: April 17, 2010 in ALL ABOUT ME

When was the last time you really “Hugged it out” with someone because of some overwhelming emotional experience?

It could be a hug of  great sadness or a hug of great joy, but in either instance, it results in the same outcome:

  • You “hugged it out” with someone, MUCH HARDER, than you would normally hug that individual in a typical hugging situation.  So, I am speaking in regards to a greater amount of strength, that you put into the holding of the other individual, and at the same time I am also speaking about the greater endurance of time, that you put into the hug, while you are holding that individual.

If you are a guy, and you are reading this, I have another question for you which goes deeper into thought:

  • When was the last time you exhibited a hugging situation like I described above, AND it was a “Man Hug” at the same time?

I’m going to  call this phenomena:

“The Extreme Man Hug”

Stronger and longer man hug situations do not occur on a regular basis in my life.  I can probably count the amount of memorable  “Extreme Man Hugs”,  on my left hand while only using two fingers to count each of the  instances.  I am going to share both of those “Extreme Man Hug” situations with you.

  • The last “Extreme Man Hug” situation that I was in, occurred when I hugged my good friend Andrew, right after he got married. We were  on the beach in St Thomas and it was a genuine moment of extreme happiness for my good friend.

This was in May of 2007.  This means that it is almost my three year “Extreme Man Hug” anniversary, which also makes me think to remind my friend Andrew that his three year wedding anniversary is coming up in May as well.  But then again, this would be a waste of time for me and him, because he is not the type of person who needs to be reminded about important dates,  such as his anniversary.

Before my “Extreme Man Hug” with Andrew, I had one other memorable one :

  • It occurred when I hugged my good friend Bill,  when I saw him at his younger brother’s wake.   It was a genuine moment of extreme sadness, for my good friend, during his time of sorrow and loss.

This untimely event occurred in 2005.  I cannot think of any other “Extreme Man Hug”  situations before Bill’s and after Andrew’s.  I am ok with only having two “Extreme Man Hugs”, and I feel that a man should not be over stimulated with constant “Extreme Man Hugs”.  Since they are so rare, it shows and reminds me who some of my very good male friends are.

In order for an “Extreme Man Hug” to occur, there is only ONE thing that needs to be in place:

  • You just need to have a really good male friend.

When you have at least one good male friend, you will both go on and experience life, with and without each other.  At some point in both of your lives, you will be in the same location, during an overwhelmingly emotional situation for one or both of you.  It is at this time when the “Extreme Man Hug” takes place.

I have experienced two “Extreme Man Hugs” in my life worth mentioning.   They have each occurred in my life,  because of emotions coming from situations in life, which are considered to be on the opposite sides of the emotional spectrum.  One “Extreme Man Hug” had occurred for me at one of my good friend’s wedding due to great happiness, and another  “Extreme Man Hug” had occurred for me with a good friend, at his brother’s wake, due to great sadness.

So, today I have poured my soul out to every person who comes upon this page, when you read the words to which I have just written.  I started writing about comedy related man hug situations when I decided to write today, and that went to shit when I started to write about serious man hug situations that I have experienced in my life.  I hope that it was entertaining for you to read, albeit on a different level, compared to the lack of seriousness, to which my writing usually exhibits.

Any guy want to share their  “Extreme Man Hug” story?  If you are less secure with manlihood, you are more than welcome to make it annonymous.

This is What Andrew Michaels is Doing Now…….


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