At this point, I found myself in my own “spicy situation”

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Do you remember the “I’m Spicy!” commercials for Burger King?  I always thought that those commercials were THE SHIT, and I always found myself laughing at this guy saying “I’m Spicy!”, in his attempts at winning some form of appreciation from his co-workers.  His attempts at making them laugh, and gain some stature among the group is unsuccessful in the commercial, and the co-workers just kind of make fun of him. Isolating someone else in their own stupidity, is a great form of entertainment, in order to help get through a typical Monday morning, of otherwise weekly repetitive mediocrity.

Watch now……

It’s pretty awesome that Joel Mchale was a part of this as well……

Every now and then, throughout the years I have pulled out an “I’m Spicy!” out of no where, with the hopes of some form of comedic effect among my peers.


This story is the recollection of the last time I have tried to use “I’m Spicy!”, as a form of attention grabbing humor among a group of inebriated individuals.

This past February, for one of my very good friend’s 30th birthday party, we traveled all the way to Killington Mountain and all stayed together in a condo for the weekend.  Everyone who went got a great deal of skiing done, while we were staying at a excellent north eastern ski resort.

My pinky was extremely fucked at this point in my life (for visual evidence, read “my valentines day”, you can see my x-rays of my dislocation), so I decided that my main activities would be drinking alcohol all day, eating food all day, hanging with friends after they skied, and snoring ridiculously loud due to a highly inebriated induced coma.

When we were all hanging out at the table, drinking beers, playing cards, and eating food, I just decided to yell out in a high pitch voice “I’m spicy”…….


It was then, that I saw everyone look at me while having confused looks on their faces.  I said to them, “No one remembers those burger king commercials?” , and in fact not one person, in the entire fucking condo, knew what I was talking about.  I decided to say it again in hopes of someone remembering it……..


No response………..just blank fucking stares.

At this point, I found myself in my own “spicy situation”.  The thing that I said to try to make everyone laugh, only attracted blank, non laughing, confused, almost pitiful like stares, back upon me.  I felt like what the “I’m Spicy Guy” felt like in his commercials, when no one laughed at his attempts at humor, all for a way to feel some form of appreciation from the group.

I always used to laugh at those Burger King commercials, because I never felt the loneliness and severe attempts to feel acceptance among a group through the use of humor, like the “I’m Spicy Guy” felt.

Good thing that I don’t give any slight fuck AT ALL, what my friends think about me, or what I say, especially during a weekend of which I was expected to do nothing but drink alcohol all day, eat food all day, hang with friends after they skied, and snore ridiculously loud due to a highly inebriated induced coma.

Later in the night my friends and I were playing High Low Jack.  There were eight of us playing so we had four teams of two.  My friend Scott from college  was playing with us, and on a regular basis since I have known Scott, when I hang out with him, I constantly question his intelligence.

I still really like him, but he can come out with some of the dumbest shit, all while he doesn’t think that what he said was dumb.

His friend sitting after him,was second to act, and did not know how to play.  We let Scott look at his friends hand to tell him what he should bid. (It was a very laid back game of High Low Jack obviously)

Scott looked at his friends hand and saw a (10,  6, and a 2 of spades).  He then proceeded to say that his friend should bid a THREE.

  • There were 8 people playing
  • There were 48 out of 52 cards dealt out to those 8 people,
  • More than likely almost every single ace, king, queen, and jack…..OF EVERY SUIT INCLUDING SPADES,  was dealt out to those 8 people

I tried to explain this to Scott, but Scott proceeded to not listen to my rational thought, and just continued to be retarded, by truly believing that:

  • In a high low jack game with 8 players and almost EVERY card dealt
  • His friend should bid a THREE, while he was in second position to bid
  • While he was holding a 10,  6, and a 2 of spades

I don’t get it,  but then again, I don’t think that I have ever really understood my college roommate, Scott.  Maybe that’s exactly why I have always had fun hanging out with him…….

This is What Andrew Michaels is doing now……….

  1. Billdo says:

    Addi was cracking up at the “I’m Spicy” audio clips and proceded to walk around the house saying “I Picey”…at least a 2yr old appreciates the humor…

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