Richard Alpert’s Files: Confidential Island Intelligence: Scouting Report # 1: Team Smoke Monster: Sayid Jarrah

Posted: March 21, 2010 in LOST, Smoke monster videos
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So I put this video together about two weeks ago, but it has since become slightly obsolete.  First Richard came out of the fucking woods, when I assumed we would not see him again until his episode.  Then fucking Miles recently became useful for the first time ever in the show, when he told of Ben killing Jacob.  You may notice these flaws when watching the video.  Regardless I am posting the video since I did put some time into making it, and also in honor of two of my favorite characters of the show.  It is called……

Richard Alpert’s Files:  Confidential Island Intelligence:  Scouting Report # 1: Team Smoke Monster:    Sayid Jarrah

I think it has a catchy title……almost poetic.

Hope you enjoy:

  1. Pete says:

    Awesome. Bravo. I love throat chops and can’t stand Miles either!

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