My Theory: Why we have not been formally greeted by EXTRA TERRESTRIALS.

Posted: March 5, 2010 in My theories yet to be proven
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So I was watching Planet Earth, and it really got me thinking.

From outer space you can observe the largest living organism on Earth, The  Great Barrier Reef.

If Extra-Terrestrials were to come to our planet to observe, learn, and better themselves in some way…….they definitely would not be observing humans.  They most definitely would be observing, learning, and bettering themselves by studying coral reef.

Coral Reef have so much more to offer to the extra-terrestrials, compared to what humans could ever hope to possibly offer.

Extra-Terrestrials would look at humans and say:

  • You are THE ONLY species on this planet, which is causing harm, and unnecessary death to other species on your planet.
  • You are self-destructive as a species, as well as destructive.  You murder, rape, destroy, and torture your very own species, never mind what you do to other species.
  • You create weapons to kill your own species, and test the very same weapons in the very same location where a species (which promotes life) inhabits.

  • Sure, you are self aware and a very slightly intelligent species……. but your technological advances are only a mere small step above the technological capabilities of your non-language, cave man ancestors .  You cannot teleport, time travel, or travel faster than the speed of light.  You have only traveled as far as your moon, in actively-occupied space travel.  Your genetic code has yet to be perfected through perfect genetic engineering and beneficial manipulation.  It is highly probable that you will destroy yourself, before you have the opportunity to learn all of these technological advances, which we have, and use on a regular basis.  We traveled here all the way from the other side of the Galaxy in 25 minutes…….   We are kind of a big deal in terms of interstellar travel and technological capabilities.  Our technology is already extremely advanced.  We have not traveled this great distance for technological reasons at all.
  • You overpopulate on your planet to the point of ruining the balance, which your planet has established naturally, to sustain a level of harmony among all its living species.

Extra-Terrestrials would look at the Coral Reef and say:

  • You are a  species on this planet, which is allowing MANY OTHER SPECIES on your planet to fill and flourish with life.
  • You are not self-destructive or even destructive as a species, in fact are the exact opposite, you promote and help life flourish on your planet.
  • You do not overpopulate, in fact you allow for many other species to have the ability to populate your planet.  (Those species also sustain a natural harmony among each other ) We can observe,learn, and study you, and how you allow life to flourish wherever you are located on your planet.

A place on earth without coral reef, which allows for life, but not to flourish:

A place on earth with coral reef, which allows for life to flourish:

A place on Earth without humans, which is filled with life:

A place on Earth with humans, which is drained of all life, except for humans:

My theory is:

If Extra-Terrestrials have and are visiting our planet, I am certainly sure that they:

  • Would much rather spend their time studying aspects of our planet, such as corral reef, which promote and allows for life.
  • Rather than humans, which harm and take away life from our planet.

Why would Extra-Terrestrials even consider wasting their time, to introduce themselves to our species, after all the harm we have done to ourselves and our planet?

This is WhatAndrewMichaelsisdoingnow………

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