I’d be willing to bet on Pete Rose’s reputation….

Posted: March 2, 2010 in The thing I saw on television which I felt needed to be shared....
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This guy was on Pawn Stars and he just seemed to good to be true.

I don’t know, either he is:

  • acting well and promoting himself in some way
  • or he is a very genuinely strange individual.

You be the judge (make sure you watch the video all the way to the end):

“I’d be willing to bet on Pete Rose’s reputation….”

“If these cards are fake, what else is real? Is the wife real? The dog? The cat? Ya, know, Whats real?”

  1. Bill Milner says:

    He is definitely an interesting character. My take is this: He seems like a schmucky con man who probably made the cards himself. He didn’t seem to be that phased by the pronouncement they they were knock-offs….just irritated he wasn’t getting $$$$. If you want to get serious cash for stuff like that one would go to a more specific pool of buyers; a baseball card forum or ebay even, where the value of the item would be better understood and hopefully competed over, this breeding a maximal return. This guy just wanted to turn and burn them to someone with an untrained eye…he most likely would have faced some sort of legal static trying to sell them as authentic on one of the fore-mentioned cyber stores. He just wanted some quick cash to support his child porn addiction or gay floral shirt habit. I do question, however, why he would try to sell 5 of the same cards at a single place. Seems he may have had luck with just one card or a few different shitty fakes.

  2. Bill your imagination is as detailed and as fucked up as my own. I know to call on you, upon momentary, daily, or weekly lapses of creativity.

  3. da Wool says:

    What a douche

  4. tim gaines says:

    I saw that episode…

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