Everything is Lost Part 3

Posted: February 17, 2010 in LOST
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So I must say that Lost once again was an ass kicking experience last night.

Firstly though I feel the need to express a theory from Drew who I give full credit towards.

Throat chops are making a big mark on season 6……….

“WHAT, DID YOU  THINK, that you were NOT going to get a throat chop when you approached him?”  (Imagine someone saying this as it happened on the TV screen, this is what Drew instinctively said….)

John Locke now also posesses the same throat chop ability……

It does hurt me to see Richard acting so……… mortal.  I wonder if he will now age since Jacob is dead……..sob.  Maybe someone else from the crash, will take over the adviser spot and become temporarily immortal, once Jacob’s position is filled.

Could the smoke monster at least be partial Japanese in nature due to his uncanny ability to throat chop someone as well as Dogen?   Worth expressing…….


We got to see the smoke monsters perspective moving throughout the island.  I think the only time we have even been close to this, was in season 1 when the smoke monster approaches John Locke from above.  The camera pans down on John, with the smoke monster obviously being right behind the camera and John Locke just looks up at it in astonishment.

We found out that in the alternate time line, John and his father have some sort of relationship which does not consist of his father pushing him out of an 8 story building causing his paralysis, seeing as Peggy Bundy said that they should invite his father to the wedding if they just do it in Vegas.  How did John Locke get paralyzed in this time line?

We get to see a frightened Richard Alpert, who knows that the thing that has taken over John Locke, is MUCH more powerful than he is.  Richard CANNOT WAIT to get to the temple to be protected by ash.

We get to see a child of some sort who is dressed like Jacob in the old days.  This child seems to be bleeding at the arms the first time we see him.  He also tells the smoke monster that “he cannot kill him, he cannot break the rules.”  I believe the boy is talking to him about killing Sawyer.  Maybe the smoke monster takes on qualities of the body he copies?  Seeing the smoke monster yell the same thing John Locke yell “You can’t tell me what to do!” makes me think that he is still very much trapped, even though he is roaming freely for the time being.

I believe that the smoke monster is not allowed to kill anyone who is a candidate to replace Jacob.  The smoke monster had its chance to kill Kate, Jack, John, and Sawyer since season one.  But it didn’t, remember when Kate was inside the trees and she was counting down from five?  The smoke monster just left her, probably because it was against the rules to kill her.  Ben could have also been manipulated to kill John Locke, since the smoke monster was not allowed to kill John himself, as well as being manipulated into killing Jacob.  This way the smoke monster could take over the form of John Locke to gain access to Jacob.  The smoke monster wants to kill everyone on the island, so that no one can take over Jacob’s position.  Meaning no one will ever again be called upon to the almost impossible to find island anymore.  Then the smoke monster can finally go back, to wherever a smoke monster would call home, since he no longer will be bound to the island by Jacob or Jacob’s replacement…..

Richard was making it a big deal in season five to getting the dead bodies, from the Dharma folk, after Sawyer and Juliet killed two of them.  Maybe it is very important to bury the dead in order for the smoke monster to not be able to take the form of those people and infiltrate the others.  Miles walked over some freshly buried military people in season 5 and mentioned it to Faraday.  Naomi mentioned to Miles off the island that, there are dead bodies buried all over the island.  The smoke monster has taken the form of lots of characters since season one.

I believe that just about every time we see someone who was supposed to be dead, we have been seeing the smoke monster.  Christian is dead, yet we see him on the island numerous times.  Yemi is dead, yet he talks to Ecko, and even says to Ecko, “You speak to me as if I am actually your brother”.

There is only one exception to this theory and it is Walt.  Walt talks to John Locke after he was shot by Ben in the pit.  Walt talks backwards to Shannon.  We know that Walt is still alive.

We now know that the numbers represent the chosen people as possible candidates to replace Jacob.  It would be quite cool if in the end we see, a John Locke and a Jack Sheppard on the beach having a similar conversation that Jacob and the Man in Black had,  all while they are both witnessing some other event that is happening in front of them (like the arrival of the black rock, or oceanic 815) which is bringing more people to the island.

I now believe that Adam and Eve were predecessors to the positions the man in black and Jacob held.  It is a constant flow of people over the centuries that take on the duties that Jacob and the man in black held or hold.  The man in black already stated that at one time, he was just an ordinary man like sawyer.   I am just typing everything that comes to my mind……coherent or incoherent, just like Lost.

This is WhatAndrewMichaelsisdoingnow…….everything is lost, everything is fucking lost………

  1. Sarah Evans says:

    My theory about the boy that appears is it is Jacob reincarnated…you cannot kill him? I agree – the episode kicked ass and the hour goes by way too fast!

  2. good theory, maybe child Jacob will then take the form of one of the adult candidates later in the season….

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