The Space/Time War

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Steve's posts
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Here is another wonderful post from Steve.

Dear Dinosaurs,

In the mail today, I received a “thank you” letter from someone I now refer to as a Space Human.
His words inspired me to write you!
He was genuinely appreciative of the sacrifice each generation of “Land Humans” had to make while attempting space travel.

He went on to say that he recently received a letter of his own from someone he referred to as a Time Human. And that this letter was followed shortly by a visit from said Time Human. But he said that when the Time Human exited the Time Machine he sort of reached in his Vintage Jelly Fish Coat pocket in a suspiciously quick manner and so they accidentally Laser Blasted the Time Human… and kind of, sort of, stole his Time Machine. This mix up apparently started what the Galaxy is calling The Space/Time War.

The Space Humans went on to say, and I quote, “Join us and end your extinction, PS: See if you can get the dinosaurs.”

And so that is why, today, we write you guys this letter.

You don’t have to decide now. We’ll send a Time Machine to you in the year 1200 BC. We simply ask that you line up all potential Dino-soldiers on the equator. A Space Human will exit the Time Machine and proceed to pick the crème of the crop. Oh and, in regards to recruits, we were thinking less Land Before Time more Jurassic park.
Thank you for your consideration in the fight for survival.


The Land Humans

Dear Land Humans,

We received your letter, it is 1200 BC and we are lined up on the Equator. It is getting late and no sign of the Time Machine. We are getting nervous to say the least. If you changed your mind that’s one thing but come on man, at least send another letter. I can’t tell you how frigin’ hot it is where we are. We’re not used to this, the climate change is killing us. So anyway if you get this… Oh wait, never mind, I see the Time Machine. Wow, that’s big! I didn’t realize how big it would be. I’m impressed. Wow. Alright, we’ll see you guys soon.

Yours truly,

The Dinosaurs


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