American Idol recap from a casual viewer

Posted: February 11, 2010 in american idol
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So I have already admitted to occasionally watching American Idol.  My girlfriend likes it and I admit that there are much worse things that I could have to watch than American Idol.  Here are some of the things that caught my attention the other night.

Let me once again state for the record that I want to have Ellen’s’ hair from 1999.  I do not, on the other hand want Ellen’s hair of 2010.

This guy is fucking RIDICULOUS……..even Simon agrees with me……This guy might be a step above some of the guys on the Jersey Shore.

I tend to think that this guy is pretty charming for some reason. Unfortunately, he did not make it through the first week of Hollywood.  Even Simon was taken back by him in his audition.  I had hopes for him.

I got real tired of this girl real fast……you never know though, maybe I will  start to embrace and enjoy her…… maybe I will also embrace and enjoy a urethra swab test.

This girl was pretty good, but I couldn’t stop being reminded of the guy in the “Pit of Despair” from the movie “The Princess Bride”…..

This guy one me over immediately…… I want this guy to win the whole show.

This is WhatAndrewMichaelsisdoingnow……Showing you what I believe are the highlights of American Idol Hollywood Week 1.

  1. Chicken says:

    The PIT of Despair…Don’t even think…*cough*…don’t even think about trying to escape…

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