Everything is Lost PART 2

Posted: February 10, 2010 in LOST
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LOST fans across New England got kicked in the balls last night………TWICE.  Anyone who is a real LOST fan knows to watch the repeat episode that airs before the new episode, since it will have pop ups of information that people would have otherwise missed.  I am very grateful that I get to stay home today and do nothing, but I am very ungrateful, that all the pop ups of lost information during the episode were blocked by the winter weather advisories and school closings.  Some might say that at least they had the decency to make the school closings somewhat see through, so you can read some of what the pop ups say.

I say FUCK YOU ABC……….put the school closings somewhere else, where it will not affect all of the LOST fans, in the final season of their favorite show ever……..  you then had the balls to keep the school closings on during the duration of the new episode as well.

In any event…….Every Tuesday has now become a three hour LOST event at my house.  The schedule is as follows:

  • Previously aired episode with pop ups at 8:00
  • Newly aired episode at 9:00
  • Encore presentation of new episode at 10:00

I believe more people should follow suit.

Some of the actors and actresses on LOST look exactly the same as they did in 2004 when lost began.  Other actors and actresses have changed in their appearance enough for it to be a constant reminder that 6 and a half years has passed since they shot the first season on lost.  Here is my detailed analysis of the actors and actresses that look essentially the same, or  definitely older:



Mathew Fox still looks to still be in shape and youthful for his age, BUT he looks a lot different today than he did in 2004.  The Jack of seasons 1,2 and 3, is not the same as the Jack of seasons 4, 5, and 6.  Jack of seasons 1,2, and 3 would never consider waxing or shaving his manly chest.  Jack of seasons 4, 5, and 6 for whatever reason, feels the need to have “a soft to the touch torso”.  (This is far from the first or last time my sexuality might be questioned)

The above pictures are from season 2 inside the hatch after Jack got out of the shower….The pictures below are from season 4 or 5.

Season 1

Season 4 starts literally seconds after season 3 ends.  There is a noticable difference in Jacks face and body frame, he looks like he shed more wieght than he should have.  Some would say that season 4 also takes place 3 years later than season three, and that Jack has been drinking more and not taking care of himself.  I wish that if I drank more and did not take care of myself, it would lead to a weight loss for me as well.  Also he is more frail while he is still on the island before leaving and starting his epic binge which leads to him losing just about everything that he once held as important. His hair is also longer now……

Season 5

Season 6


Last night I rewatched LA X part two for the fourth time…..I stated that the Sawyer of seasons 1,2, and 3 would have dug Juliet’s grave with his shirt off like he usually did during events of physical exertion of LOST past as shown below.

Season 1 or 2

Season 6: Sawyer now decides to not bare his bod upon the new act of physical exertion…….

I am not knocking Josh Holloway at all, but he is getting a little older now and I think his clothing is helping to hide a little bit extra mid section wieght.  He is in better shape today, than I probably have ever been in my life……Josh you are not alone, and have nothing to worry about, you are still fucking Sawyer……….regardless of a few extra pounds.  Not to mention that James’ hair is most noticably longer than in season 1.

Season 1

Season 6

If it makes you feel any better Luke Wilson is also happily holding onto probably 20 extra pounds in his mid section underneath those nice jackets he wears in his AT&T commericals, and I still think he is the man as well.

Old School Era (2003)

AT&T Era (2010)


Looks about the same age, but why does he have short hair now?  Dominic Monaghan probably knew well in advance that he would be in at least the premiere episode of season six, he could have grown out his hair, they could have given him a wig…..

Season 1:

Season 6:


John Locke

Terry O’Quinn was OLD in Nineteen Eighty FUCKING Five……don’t believe me? Watch this video from the movie Silver Bullet (FAST FORWARD TO THE 4:40 MARK……thanks Vin)

That being said, this guy’s best aging attribute is that he started to look older at a younger age and has relatively stayed the same in terms of his appearance since he has become old looking some 25 years ago…..

Season 1

Season 6

Richard Alpert

Richard does not make his first appearance until the episode “Not in Portland” which aired on February 2007.  This means it is easier for Richard to look the same since he started 3 years later than all the other main characters I am talking about.  It is the utmost importance for Nestor Carbonell to stay in good physical shape and lay on the facial makeup if need be to make his appearance seem exactly the same.

I also think that Richard Alpert would win the superlative of “Best dressed on the island”, in the 1954, 1974, 1977, and 2007 “Island yearbooks”.  This is no easy task….And it is only fitting that the man I love so much gets so many pictures on my posting.

1954: Neatly ironed and pressed

1974: Dashingly dressed

1970’s: Hippie attire

1977: Very Snappy outfit

2007: On the beach,  not dressed for a swim…..but instead dressed for success

For aging purposes here is an early shot of him from:

Season 3

And in Season 6

Richard……..you are the fucking man, I truly look forward to the day that I can to put a picture of you from the 1800’s on my blog.


I  believe that Hurley does not look any older because his face is rather full and bulging, which causes no wrinkles to be able to form.  He was relatively young when the show started so he is still pretty young now……and lets face it, when you are as large as Hurley, you already let yourself go years ago, so he is not going to look any older or worse since he was large and in charge to begin with.  Other actors who get older sometimes put on some weight, which ends up covering up their younger looking frame.  Hurley does not have this problem…….at all.

Season 1

Season 6

Jin and Sun

I am a firm believer that people of Asian decent age better than the white folk, if you do not believe me, you should stare at an older person of Asian decent the next time you see one……Jin looks exactly the same throughout the years……Sun looks exactly the same as well

Season 1

Season 6


Ok, Kate is pretty hot…..through the years I have compared her to Gollum when watching the show with my girlfriend.  Every once in a while her eyes reminded me of  Gollum’s in Return of the king, when you see the last version of him, before he becomes CGI.  On a side note…….was he still Smeagol at this point, or do you think he was corrupted to the point of being full fledged Gollum?

I would say “Gollum……Gollum”   like I was trying to clear my throat, when she would come on screen, in order to display my distaste for this character who usually makes matters worse with her poor decision making abilities.

I think I would just say she looked like Gollum because she has annoyed me through the years with her decisions and her keen unrealistic ability to pick up the skill of tracking someone in the jungle, when she has never had to use such a skill before in her life.  I will admit that Evangeline Lilly looks exactly the same throughout the years.

Season 1

Season 6


Sayid is a whole different story.  Naveen Andrews seems to not have aged at all, but I think Sayid is the character that we see change the most throughout the run of LOST.

  • We get to see dirty Iraqi war torturer

  • We get to see greasy haired ass kicking island inhabitant

  • We get to see well manicured, well kept hair and dare I say STRAIGHTENED HAIR done with a heat source of some kind, lover and assassin.

  • And finally we also got to see curly haired, purple shirt, pimping, expensive scotch swigging, taking Illana home from the bar with the hopes to get laid, lady’s man.

And now we get to see hopefully once again greasy haired ass kicking island inhabitant.

This is WhatAndrewMichaelsisdoingNow…….spending WAY too much time putting this together for the amusement of others…..I am taking tomorrow off and maybe the next day as well…….

  1. Meredith (Swigs) says:

    I’m getting sort of worried with your attention to detail about the men on this show. Although I totally agree with you on their hotness…it just makes me wonder…a little.

  2. Hey swig, unfortunately the male species is what drives the plot in Lost. The women are there for the ride, but they do play their insignificant role from time to time.
    I wonder what LOST would be like if it was just about women crashing on the island. They would have never gotten off the island, and instead they would just talk behind each others backs, cause drama among each other, get in the occasional cat fight, and then eventually starve since there will be no men to get them food. This seems to be like it could be an entertaining show for a while but would probably only last one season. Since the women will starve very quickly without the men, they will find no swan hatch (which was also found and opened by a man), and all the women would perish before they realized that they were on a special island.
    And finally rest assured that my only true male love on the show is Richard, you should also notice that he never takes his clothes off……you gotta respect him even more since he does not use his body to win over people like Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Jin, and Sun have done in the past.

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