What usually happens while I am in the hot tub alone

Posted: February 8, 2010 in ALL ABOUT ME
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The other night I was in my hot tub.  For some odd reason it feels like every time that I go in my hot tub, I have to take an epic piss.  Seeing as I am already soaking wet and that it is freezing outside, the last thing I want to do is get out of the hot tub to go inside to take a leak.  At the same time it takes a very serious situation for me to consider pissing in my own hot tub or anyone else’s hot tub for that matter.

Having to go to the bathroom really bad can really put a buzzkill on whatever activity you are currently trying to enjoy.  In my case, relaxing in the hot tub is not so relaxing, since I have the extreme desire to urinate, and that then manifests my thoughts and takes away from my time of otherwise enjoyment.

I will openly admit to pissing in other peoples pools on occasion.  The way I see it is that some other kids probably pissed in there too, so what difference will it make if I occasionally do the same?  Hot tubs on the other hand, I do not think are the place to do such things since you are in such close proximity to others.  Typically, the water is warmer in the hot tub then your urine by about 4- 5 degrees, so you wouldn’t get caught if you choose to do so.  I guess the only way you would get caught would be if the person next to you felt some liquid that actually felt a little bit cooler than the rest of the water……..go figure.  Its just a respect thing that stops me from urinating in a hot tub, it is too up close and personal.

My best solution to my problem of not wanting to pee in the hot tub while not wanting to go in the house is to: stand up, put my hand on the fence that is right behind the hot tub, lean forward on my arm, and urinate outside of my hot tub onto the mulch.  This is an area that no one goes on since it is a small area between the hot tub and the fence.  My dog pees outside and I think that he is pretty awesome, I am merely following his lead.

This is a very effective way for me to:

  • Stay relatively warm
  • Not get my house wet from me running into the bathroom soaked
  • Not slip and fall on the icy deck
  • And most importantly, not piss in my hot tub

The other night I was taking my seemingly ritual urination out of the hot tub.  While I do it, I usually just look over the fence into the front yard and the street.  A woman was walking her dog down the street and I cannot confirm or deny if she saw my steaming face that was poking over the fence, while I was watching her walk her dog, all while I was urinating in her direction towards the fence.  I actually considered making my continuous stream follow her as she walked by (albeit behind the fence so she could not see this), but I unfortunately ran out of pee……The good thing is that there is an abundance of time and urine, so this can possibly happen sometime in the future.

This is WhatAndrewMichaelsisdoingnow……peeing in pools but not hot tubs.


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