Global Warming

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Possible hoaxes
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One of the world’s biggest hoaxes is global warming.  At least in the sense of people saying how we are killing our planet.  We are not killing our planet, in fact short of placing a black hole at our planet’s core like they did in Star Trek, there is nothing that we can do that will have any real effect on the planet which we call our own.  If you have not seen the new star trek movie, do yourself a favor and watch it the next time you want to watch a movie.  I have NEVER been a fan of anything related to Star Trek, but I must tell you that I would consider it to be one of the best movies I have seen in 2009.

Back to global warming……  Even if we launched every single nuclear missile that is ready to launch, our planet in the long run will be ok……what will not be ok is the human race.

Even if we actually raise the temperatures high enough to melt the ice caps, all that will happen is that the water levels will rise, which will cool the air to the point where the planet will cool down and then probably enter another ice age.  The polar caps will then refreeze due to the colder climate, and much of the land that we once inhabited as well.  Slowly the planet will warm up again and it will all be back to normal, with one major difference.

The big difference will be that the planet will no longer have to deal with humans since we will either be in significantly smaller numbers or extinct due to lack of food and heat.  The planet constantly goes through cycles like this over time, and at the worst case scenario, we are just speeding up the process a little bit………A LITTLE BIT.

People might say that global warming is bad because species are going extinct due to our lifestyles that we live……..I say fuck you Jobu!  Any animal or creature that is not capable of adapting to changes in its habitat will eventually be wiped out based on Darwinism anyways.  Only the strong survive.  Besides, these animals or creatures will only survive until the next meteor hits our planet, which will wipe out 99.9 % of the species on the planet anyways.  So, they are going to die at some point anyways, as are we.

The only loss that the human race will feel if we cause animals to go extinct is if one of those animals or creatures could have been studied and in some way and they could have benefited mankind through medication, antibodies, or genetic engineering.  Food chains may get messed up due to this, but once again, it will not hurt the earth.

Some people might say that we are using too many fossil fuels and that we are killing our planet and its atmosphere.  I once again say fuck you Jobu!  65 million years ago a meteor smaller than half of the size of Rhode Island hit our planet.  The meteor broke through the crust of the earth and burnt up the same fossil fuels that we use for energy.  The only difference was that the meteor burnt up a significantly larger amount of fossil fuels at a significantly smaller amount of time.  The end result was thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years of earth being covered in a layer of smoke from fossil fuel after burn.  Obviously we do not burn that much fossil fuels, since our sky is still blue in the present.  And after all was said and done, with this accelerated use of fossil fuels, our planet ended up just fine……. it was the dinosaurs that did not fare so well.

On a side note, the dinosaurs caused global warming as well.  The amount of methane gas that they released through digestion was enough to raise the temperature of the planet.  This did not kill the Earth.

We do not need to save our planet.  Our planet has dealt with far worse than the microscopic effect humans have had on it.  If our planet was able to laugh at the attempts which have been made to hurt it, I believe earth would truly be geeking out uncontrollably at our attempts.  What we need to do is save ourselves. Global warming will eventually get to the point where it will make the planet very difficult to be inhabited by humans due to pollution in the air, or much less land due to raised ocean levels.  The planet will respond to our bad behaviors by making it difficult for us to survive.  Then we will be put to the test of Darwinism.  I believe that if we as a species can survive through what the Earth does to us in response to our global warming, it will be at the first time that we have truly excelled as a species since the first time a human being created cheese.

The only reason I think that we should not be using oil is because it is expensive, and lots of money leaves our country for its purchase.  Setting up more natural energy such as water power, windmills, solar energy will in the long run be good for us.  It will produce more jobs for creating and maintaining these structures.  Even nuclear energy is a much better option than oil.  People will say that nuclear energy is harmful for the environment.  I say fuck you Jobu!   All cars could be electric powered and recharged, by all those nuclear reactors we could be using.  This way the only pollution would come from the power plants, instead of the power plants and our vehicles.  Submarines and aircraft carries have successfully been using nuclear reactors directly for energy for years……. (I do have to thank Randy for talking to me about nuclear power plants a few summers ago )

I think Al Gore has some ulterior motives with his whole  “Inconvenient Truth”…….Politicians always seem to have other things going on in their heads other than what they say.  Anyone who believes that we have any chance of hurting Earth over the long haul of its life, is not looking at all of the facts,  but instead just looking at the facts that can be used for political, social, or monetary gains…….

This is WhatAndrewMichalesisdoingnow…….. showing my perspective on what is really happening on this planet due to our lifestyles, and expressing my firm beliefs that the worst case scenario to come out of global warming is the extinction of human beings, not the extinction of our planet……Is very bad to steal Jobu’s rum. Is very bad.

  1. Meredith (Swigs) says:

    So I take it that you do not bring your own re-usable bags to the grocery store?

    • there are too many uses from the plastic bags for me to consider giving them up. I use them for lunch bags, to pick up dog shit, when I travel I use them to carry my bathroom stuff, to clean the kitty liter…etc. Besides you can easily burn them and then there is no pollution at all to go to the dump……

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